January 28, 2012

Code of Ethics

Wise Ways - Code of Ethics

The Wise Ways policy can be summed up in one word:


1.In all our activities, Wise Ways practitioners reflect the highest professional standards and refrain from any action that could cause physical, emotional or psychological harm.

2.We accurately identify the qualifications and levels of experience of any Wise Ways practitioner, and will never provide a client with information or guidance beyond our range of expertise and competence. We refer clients to experts where necessary.

3.Wise Ways practitioners offer a professional service without judgement or discrimination, empowering clients to make decisions in the light of their own values, beliefs and context.

4.We ensure client understanding and agreement of the purpose, process and boundaries of the client/practitioner relationship.

5.In all our relationships, we honour all of the agreements we make. To facilitate this, we construct clear, written agreements detailing approaches and clarifying expectations. We take special care not to mislead or make unrealistic claims about what our clients will receive from their sessions with a Wise Ways professional.

6.As is stated in the Wise Ways Privacy Policy, we respect the confidentiality of our clients’ information, except as otherwise authorised by the client or as required by law.

7.The efforts and contributions of others are always respected and acknowledged. Where Wise Ways refers to materials originated by others, full acknowledgment of the source is made.

8.A Wise Ways professional is not influenced by any offers of compensation from third parties for referrals or advice regarding our clients.

9.A Wise Ways professional is always alert to the potential for conflict of interest and will never knowingly enter into an agreement which could conflict with the interests of our clients.

10.Whenever any actual or potential conflict of interest arises, we openly disclose it and fully discuss with our clients how best to deal with it in whatever way best serves our client.

11.In all our activities, Wise Ways practitioners do not exploit clients financially, sexually, emotionally or in any other way.

12.Where a practitioner provides advice or comment by means of public lectures, radio or television programs or printed articles, we take reasonable measures to ensure the recipients of the information are not encouraged to infer that a professional counselling relationship has been established.

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