January 28, 2012

Frequently Asked Questions

Wise Ways Frequently Asked Questions

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We know that if you’re considering coaching, counselling or training with Jacquie Wise, you’re likely to have a few questions…

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1. What’s the difference between Coaching and Counselling?

Coaching assumes you have all the answers and need support and guidance to keep motivated and on track.

Yet, irrespective of how strong our intentions are, or how clear our goals, there are times when emotions get in the way of our happiness and success. We may have subconscious values that conflict with the choices we’ve made. Or we procrastinate and sabotage for reasons we don’t understand and have difficulty controlling.

It’s a myth that counselling keeps you locked in the past. Some forms of psychoanalysis might, depending on the approach taken, but solution-oriented counselling helps us identify and heal underlying issues so that we can move forward. The focus is on solutions for the future.

2. How long will each session last?

Sessions last one hour each, longer sessions can be prearranged. If you come from a long distance you can arrange for a two hour session.

3. How often will I need to come for sessions?

You chose the frequency that best suits you, be it weekly, fortnightly, monthly or at random when you need a boost or are ready for the next stage. Coming at regular intervals keeps the momentum going. The next session is arranged each time we meet and is completely flexible.

4. How many sessions will I need?

This varies depending on the following factors:

  • how many aspects of your life you would like to address
  • how much follow-up action you’re prepared to take in between sessions
  • how fast you would like to progress
  • how many other important commitments you currently have
  • how ready and able you are to change
  • whether other latent issues arise

We decide together at your first session your preferences, priorities and pace. We can change these as we go, but you are the one who makes the final decision.

The shifts you experience may be subtle or sudden, depending on what is right for you at the time.

5. How many topics can we cover in one session?

You select your priorities each time we meet. We can review your progress and any obstacles you encountered. We can move you forward on the same goal or we can focus on something completely different. We can cover more than one issue depending on how involved they are.

6. How quickly can I expect results?

Results can be achieved at three levels: at the practical level it depends how fast you can accomplish the steps you’ve chosen; at the emotional level, insights and transformations can happen as soon as you’re ready, depending on your subconscious processes. At the spiritual level shifts can be instantaneous or gradual. Typically, people go in stops and starts but always in a forward direction.

7. How do I know this will really work for me?

You will be able to see possibilities from the first session you will leave with clarity and with a few action steps to take. I always take into account your personality, preferred learning style, and the kind of support that works best for you. The aim is to find ways to fast-track your journey towards your dreams or your journey inwards. If you are not happy with any of the strategies or processes I suggest, we talk about it and make appropriate changes.

8. Will I feel overwhelmed?

No, because we chose together the pace and focus that you are most comfortable with. I motivate and encourage you out of your comfort zone without putting you under pressure that wouldn’t work for you anyway.

9. How much does a session cost?

Fees are discussed when we chat to see if I’m the right person for you. I do give concessions and special arrangements can be made if you are in financial hardship.

In some instances, sessions may be tax deductible if work related. Ask your manager if your company will subsidise your coaching as part of your training and development.

10. Do you see people after hours?

Yes, I see people in the evenings after business hours and at weekends.

11. Do I have to prepare anything before I come?

Not necessarily, but it does help to come with a list of questions, or if relevant, supporting documents such as your CV if we’re discussing your career.

12. Do you have standard training packages for corporate clients?

Training packages are most successful when they are individually designed or tailored for your needs. Rates are negotiated on a case by case basis.

13. Where are your training programs conducted?

Usually on client premises or at a mutually agreed venue.

14. If my company pays for my coaching, is what we discuss confidential?

Yes. If there is any variance for any reason, this will be discussed at our first appointment.

15. Are you near public transport?

Take the No 1 Tram from Swanston Street. Get off at Stop No. 27, at Montague Street Roundabout. It’s a short walk from there (near the corner of Merton Street).

16. Where are sessions held?

Sessions are held at 76 Draper Street, Albert Park (Melway reference 2JK5).

If I’m helping you declutter or organise your home or office, I can come to you.

17. Is Parking available?

Parking is easy in Draper St or in adjoining streets. There are no parking restrictions.

18. Do you offer telephone (or Skype) advice?

Yes. This can be scheduled in 15 minute blocks and the first 15 minutes are free.
Telephone +61 9690 8159 Skype jacquiewise (pre-booked by email).

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