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Upcoming courses by Jacquie Wise at the CAE

Make 2018 Your Best Year Ever!
20 January 2018 – 10am-1pm $89

New Horizons: Life After Retirement
14 February 2018 – 10am-4:30pm $189

Conversation & Social Etiquette
24 February 2018 – 10am-4pm $199


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Confused about which course to choose? Make an enquiry now… or call us on +61 3 9690 8159

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Other courses available on request

Budgeting and Saving
Get out of overwhelm with your money matters. Control your expenses and rapidly build your savings. Jacquie Wise gives you simple systems to help you get confident and take charge of your money and your future with minimum fuss.

Overcoming Anxiety and Managing Stress
Some anxiety is normal, but too much can keep you from leading a happy, productive life. Jacquie Wise teaches you how to confront unreasonable fears, manage anxious thoughts and feelings and kick your stress habits. Gain encouragement and practical help for a positive way forward.

Conversation and Social Etiquette 
Gain the skills and confidence that will allow you to make the most of social and networking opportunities and be able to converse confidently with friends, work colleagues and new acquaintances.

Goal Setting
If you have no clear goals, that’s a goal! Jacquie Wise will help you identify those that are authentically right. Learn the secrets of success to make achievable plans, overcome obstacles, allow for contingencies, and keep motivated and on track.

Learning to Like Yourself
Are you your harshest critic? Learn practical strategies to help you take action, lift your self esteem and become the person you can love.

Meditation for Inner Knowing
Experience a choice of techniques with Jacquie Wise for stillness, and relaxation, inspiration, intuition and deep insights. Find the one which best suits you.

Soulmates, Angels and Guides
Who are they? What is the proof they exist? Meet one or more of your guides and understand their purpose in your life.

Useful Tips for Women Travelling Overseas
More and more women are heading off on solo trips, taking time out to follow their own wanderlust. This workshop with Jacquie Wise, a widely-experienced solo traveller, will give you travel tips including opportunities and benefits of travelling alone, pre-book or spontaneous, research, packing, safety guidelines, tours and travel companies. Pick Jacquie’s brain, talk with other women travellers, and begin your journey before you’ve left home.

Who Am I?
Define who you really are so you are better able to make the right decisions and choices for lifestyle, career and relationships.

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Confused about which course to choose? Make an enquiry now… or call us on +61 3 9690 8159

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Average rating:  
 26 reviews
by Kevin Hooper on Course Run by Jacquie Wise

Jacquie opened many avenues of thought related to "Life after retirement". I have been able to use the course related content to plan a more happy and satisfying future for myself

Very enjoyable 6.5 hours spent at CAE with Jacquie and 5 students last Tuesday for the New Horizons : Life after Retirement course. I think most expectations were met, however with all the strings to her bow I felt like I retired too early. Her enthusiasm for for what she does is contagious. maybe it will encourage me to chose another line of work.

I was learning and changing before I even realised it. Listening to someone who has real life experiences will help me make changes and know how to deal with difficult situations. I felt very comfortable and relaxed and there was no set agenda, it was about us and what we needed to get out of it.

Jacquie provides you with practical tools to use in your everyday life that will make a significant contribution to your health and happiness, whether it be work or relationships. I found it more valuable attending one of Jacquie's classes than attending any other support provider.

I recently attended your "conversations and etiquette"course at CAE, and found it of immense value. Thank you so very much for sharing your expertise, and for your engaging style. The examples you shared brought it all to life.

Good teaching from personal experience. Gems of valuable insights.

Very knowledgeable and I liked the humour and group exercises.

I just wanted to let you know that I found yesterday's conversation workshop very useful. I've come away with some concrete & very practical strategies to put into practice.

by Participant in the Assertiveness for Everyday Life Course on Course Run by Jacquie Wise

Thank you Jacquie for a very helpful day. I am finding that awareness of my behaviour & the behaviour of others is aiding my understanding of how conflict arises

by Participant in the Assertiveness for Everyday Life Course on Course Run by Jacquie Wise

Jacquie was excellent. Approachable, attentive, funny. I would have liked more tips and role play on how to fake confidence and act assertiveness.

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