A Wise Way To Manage Your Stress

A Wise Way to Manage Your Stress

A Wise Way to Manage Your Stressby Jacquie Wise

We talk about managing stress, but I believe we need to manage ourselves. If we learn how to minimise our reactions, we’re able to let stressful events wash over us.

Let’s say the traffic lights are not changing from red to green fast enough. One person’s blood pressure will rise and they’ll start swearing, getting tense and beating the life out of the steering wheel.

Another person will accept the situation and will use the moment of waiting to relax, think of something else, or maybe enjoy music. Maybe they’ll do some mindfulness meditation for a minute.

A friend of mine told me a quote that has stuck in my mind:

Stress is resistance to what is.

That concept fits with a poem I came across, which is useful for acceptance, for letting go and for minimising stress.

This is how it is
Not how it was
Might have been
Should have been
Not how I wanted it to be
Hoped it would be
Planned it would be.
I accept that this is how it is.
Now I can get on with my life
In a positive way.

(Author unknown but very much appreciated.)

So next time you get yourself in a stew about something (especially if it’s something minor) tell yourself ‘It is what it is’ and teach yourself to go with the flow.

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