How good are you at connecting with your intuitive feelings?

How good are you at connecting with your intuitive feelings?

How good are you at connecting with your intuitive feelings?by Jacquie Wise

To use our intuition, we need to learn to FEEL signals, as well as interpret visions or images.  To operate on a higher level as well as a physical level, we need to be able to FEEL what’s going on in our lives.

Feelings that come from our subconscious can give us clearer messages than conscious thoughts.

So how can you develop the skills that will allow you to connect with a deeper awareness of the stages of your life.

Don’t analyse as you play with the following ideas.  Allow the first thing that pops into your mind be the answer you seek. Don’t confuse these symbols that are designed to help you tap into your feelings of felt-sense with your dream symbols, although there may be some overlaps.

1    What symbol illustrates where you are now in your life?  A symbol that describes how you FEEL about this period?


  • bushfire
  • chicken hatching
  • fast train
  • slow barge
  • a rock
  • steam building inside a boiling pot
  • gold buried underground

2    How do you FEEL as you dwell on this symbol?

Does it make you feel expanded and light, or tight and restrained?
Are there any other feelings you can identify?

3    Try a metaphor or analogy:

My life so far has been like…

  • walking a tightrope
  • being lost without a map
  • eating a banquet with each dish being more surprising
  • gliding in a bright blue sky

These are just a few of the techniques that can help you gain a deeper connection with your emotions or with your intuition.

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