How to be unhappy, miserable, stressed…

How to be unhappy, miserable, stressed…

by Jacquie Wise

  1. Ruminate on your unhappy childhood and past hurts
  2. Blame others
  3. Don’t accept responsibility for your own decisions
  4. Surround yourself with other unhappy, unfulfilled, whiny people
  5. Believe that you can’t. You’re handicapped in some way
  6. Don’t try even small steps in a positive direction
  7. Pamper your low self-worth with destructive habits – overeating, drinking, not exercising
  8. Be lazy
  9. Take your anger and frustration out on your spouse. Then blame him/her for your cold marriage
  10. Avoid real communication. Deny your faults. Ask questions that you won’t like the answers to and then get upset
  11. Follow in your parents’ dysfunctional footsteps
  12. Feed jealous thoughts

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