How to find your purpose in life

How to find your purpose in life

How to find your purpose in lifeby Jacquie Wise

If you’ve ever thought ‘There has to be something more…’ ?  That thought is a tap on the shoulder to move you to a deeper perspective of life.

Here’s another thought that might be novel to you:  could your life be a preparation for a greater purpose?

Winston Churchill said

‘There are times in life for which everything that has gone before seems to have been but a preparation.’

Looking at your life from a deeper perspective, your purpose is to be of service, to make a difference.  That could be on a grand scale, if you’re ready, or by leaving small ripples of comfort and improvement around you.  You never know how far those ripples will reach.

We often confuse our spiritual purpose with our career path.  Your purpose is not your career—your work is just one small part of your overall purpose.  Whatever job you choose to work in, your bigger task is to bring integrity and benevolence to that job.  You can do that whether you’re an architect or a janitor, a president or a factory worker.

It’s easier to identify your life purpose if you break it up into four purposes:

1 To learn: That means developing your skills and self-assurance to be the very best version of you that you can be, able to have a more constructive impact on the world around you. That means developing mastery of a broad range of skills. It also means being self-sufficient so that you can function with autonomy.

To teach: That doesn’t have to mean standing up in front of a class.  We teach by example or by being a role-model, even without knowing it.  Are you someone’s most inspiring role-model, or their greatest warning? By sharing your knowledge or any useful information you find along the way, you can be an inspiration to others without even knowing it.

3 To accomplish, or contribute:  Even if you think you’re ‘just’ a lowly pencil-sharpener, consider this—the world doesn’t function without sharp pencils, so you’re still contributing!  Making someone else’s function easier is contributing.

Raising a highly-principled family, doing a good job, volunteering, donating money or blood—all of these add up to significant contributions.

Don’t forget the contribution you’re making on a frequency level.  The way you think, feel, or act changes your vibration.  Are you adding positive vibrations to the world, or are you spitting out poison and pollution?  That’s what we’re all working to improve.

4 To be: That’s one we find particularly hard in our materialistic world.  It means a number of things: to be your true, authentic self, to be centred or well-grounded, to be at one with others in spite of differences.  It also means just being—allowing yourself to rest and recoup, to be balanced, to be in the present and in the flow of wherever life takes you.

The bottom line:

Just look at your greatest pain and your greatest fear. Heal those.  It may take you an entire lifetime.  That can be purpose enough. As you shift those, your frequency shifts, and you’re adding to the healing frequency that will reach and help others struggling with the same issues.

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