Mindfulness Meditation at Work

Mindfulness Meditation at Work

Mindfulness Meditation at Workby Jacquie Wise


I am so keen to practice mindfulness meditation, but my work is so busy, I have no time. When I get home, I have to prepare dinner and then I’m exhausted and forget all about it. My mind won’t stop racing. There’s nothing else I can let go to make room for mindfulness. How do busy people fit it in?


The joy of mindfulness is that you don’t need to practice at a certain time of day, nor do you need to dedicate a length of time.

Mindfulness simply means tuning into your physical, emotional and mental state in each moment.

If your mind won’t stop racing, you need to pause for a short minute and just listen to the sounds around you, without focusing on any particular noises and without reacting. Imagine you’re in a bubble of stillness, with the hustle and bustle of the world turning into a blur of white noise around you.

It takes only one to three minutes. It’s a very peaceful state to be in, and it calms you down very quickly. Surprisingly, it is also energising. The longer you can dedicate to tuning in, the more refreshed and energised you will be.

At moments when you can pause for one minute at a time, you could become aware of a different aspect of your state of being.

Set an alarm on your phone to remind you to pause.

For one minute, become aware of what your body feels like and where you are carrying tension.

For one minute, become aware of your emotional state, without criticising yourself, without analysing.

For another minute, tune into your mind and learn to watch your thoughts tumbling around. Let them pass. Let them all go out of focus. Watch how, as soon as one passes, another takes its place.

Mindfulness is a combination of tuning out some things and tuning in to others.

Since it only takes a minute at a time, you will find it’s easy to fit it in, however busy you are. If you have children, teach them the process, it’s the gift of resilience and stress management, but also of insight.

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