Peace and goodwill to all…

Peace and goodwill to all…

Peace and goodwill to all…by Jacquie Wise

Christmas symbolises peace, whether or not you celebrate it as part of your faith.  This joyful period of the year, bringing so many of us together, reminds us to be peaceful, to radiate peace and to co-create peace.

When we’re tired and frazzled, we often wish for peace to be given to us like a gift.  But it’s not something you experience passively.

Like patience or determination, peace comes from an inner attitude and an outward behaviour.

For example, when you’re patient, you’re aware of your reactions and the reasons for those reactions. You can choose whether you’re going to stew with frustration when you have to wait. That’s the inner attitude.

Outwardly, your patience expresses itself in the ability to wait, or in your tolerance towards others.

The aspect of determination that comes from inner attitude is the commitment to a course of action and the belief that the goal can be achieved.   The outward behaviour is the action you take and your willingness to try again if one attempt fails.

How can you develop an attitude of peace?

There are many ways. Peace comes from being grateful for what you have compared to others who lack those blessings.  Many people keep a gratitude journal to remind themselves to acknowledge the good things in their lives.

Peace comes from expecting from others no more than they are able to give.  That attitude, in turn, leads to easy forgiveness, understanding and tolerance. Peace is also being able to let people go if their behaviours are intolerable, and being able to move on without holding on to resentment.

Another attitude that will bring you peace is the understanding that life brings you exactly what you need in this moment.  Every disappointment is a challenge to change your actions and an opportunity to learn from your mistakes.

How can you actively promote peace?

The conventional idea of finding peace is to get away from bothersome people and experiences.  The opposite is true if you want to promote peace in your world.  It takes a willingness to get involved in a meaningful way.

Be willing to take action that promotes harmony in your immediate environment.  Help a friend who’s frazzled, make a lonely person feel connected and cared for, find ways to welcome immigrants into the local community.

Be a role-model to children to teach them what peace looks like in real life.

Commit yourself to promoting peaceful relationships with friends, family and at work.

That’s what it means to be a peace activist.

Got any ideas for creating peace? Share them with me. I’d love to hear from you.

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