Proof of a Global Evolution in Consciousness

Proof of a Global Evolution in Consciousness

Proof of a Global Evolution in Consciousnessby Jacquie Wise

If you know me personally, you’ll know I’m a compulsive-obsessive optimist.  But I’m also realistic.  I always look for evidence to back any claims I make.  I’m currently very excited about the changes I see happening around the world.

Pick any industry and you’ll see indications of our evolution to higher values. You don’t live according to higher values unless you stop and think about what you’re doing from a perspective of integrity.  That’s one aspect of our evolution in consciousness.

Spiritual consciousness means thinking and acting from a base of ethics, integrity and a broader understanding of how we are all connected, and how every small thing we do, or think, has an impact.

Let’s take a look at a  handful of growing trends and what they reveal about our evolution:

The various facets of the building, furniture and garden design industries are increasingly using products that are ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘recycled’.  The demand for ‘Sustainable Architecture’ is driving some of these changes.

Speaking of recycled, more of us are choosing recycled or ‘planet-friendly’ products in our homes and offices.  Just take a look at products on supermarket shelves to notice the change, driven by consumer demand. That’s you and me.

Travel companies are increasingly offering ‘responsible travel’ tours, because the demand is there.

In the food industry, there is increasing demand for humanely raised, free-range animal products, thanks to people like Jamie Oliver who brought inhumane and unhealthy practices to public knowledge.  Our respect for our health is also growing, thanks to all the health and fitness programs on TV.

In the wellbeing and psychotherapy industries, the abundance of information on mindfulness (techniques to raise your awareness, or your consciousness.)

Psychotherapeutic practices are beginning to encompass a client’s spirituality.

In publishing, I’ve never seen so many books on spirituality and metaphysics flooding the market so quickly.  Every day, new titles appear, to feed a market hungry for information and empowerment.

In the finance industry, corruption in banking has led to major reforms and tighter controls. Investment advisers are promoting ‘ethical investments’. Superannuation and other investment schemes now have ‘Socially Responsible’ investment options.

Corruption and bad management in Europe has led to serious financial crises, but they have also led to neighbouring countries pitching in to help bolster impoverished nations.  They have to, if we are all to survive.

The support they’re  providing is not for altruistic reasons, but again, it’s a positive move in the right direction, confirming the path we’re on towards a growing understanding of  joint responsibility and ‘oneness’.

In the business world, management training now includes concepts such as ‘leadership with heart’ and emotional intelligence, unheard of a few decades ago.

Philanthropy has become an important marketing strategy for companies today.

Chief executive officers are judged for the values they bring to corporate policies and for their contributions to society.  Read any profile of a senior executive in the press and you’ll see what I mean.

Sales strategies morphed from the hard-sell approach of the ‘80s into relationship selling of the ‘90s and now, into values-selling, reflecting a fairer, more ethical approach. Instead of pushing something onto people that they don’t want or need, the sales focus is on providing meaningful solutions to the consumer.

The film industry leads the way in whether or not social norms are acceptable.  Remember the old films in which everyone smoked?  Now, you hardly ever see a cigarette on the big screen unless it’s significant to a particular character being portrayed.

Not long ago, interracial relationships were frowned upon until they became the norm in films.  ‘The Body Guard’, with Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston, was the first film ever that portrayed an interracial relationship as normal, no questions asked. That film was made in 1992.  Seems like yesterday.

These days, gay relationships are portrayed on the screen as the new norm, indicating a new level of non-judgemental acceptance and growing broadmindedness in the community, at least in some countries.

Film stars are adopting children, supporting charities and are using their high profile to bring to public knowledge whatever cause they represent. For some, it might be just a public-relations gimmick to make them look good.  Maybe so, but it’s becoming the new norm.

In the political arena, ordinary civilians are rebelling against dictatorships.  Yes, there’s a lot of bloodshed and horrific consequences, but dictators are being ousted.  The voice of the common people is making itself heard.  We’re saying: ‘Enough.  It’s time for something better.’

Science, especially quantum physics, is now providing evidence to support what metaphysicians have been teaching for centuries.  Knowledge about the interconnectivity of atoms is now more accessible to the average person.

Through neuroscience, we’re just beginning to embrace the concept that we can change our brainwaves and therefore our patterns of thinking and attitudes.  The potential impact on some mental illnesses is huge.  Isn’t this exciting?

What’s all this got to do with our spiritual evolution?

We’re better informed than ever before, Therefore, we’re able to make better choices, more conscious of the consequences of our actions on ourselves and on other living beings.

It can be argued, of course, that for every positive trend in the world today, there are ten negative trends.

If we create our reality, is it constructive to focus on the negative?  Yes, if you’re going to do something about it, at whatever level you can, in your corner of the world.

Otherwise, it’s much more constructive to focus on the positive changes around, largely led by the voice of the common people.

Changes in society are always driven from grass roots up.  Never from the top down.  Take my word on that one, or study history.

Those of us born in this era are at the forefront of a significant evolution in consciousness and spiritual (more caring and ethical) values.

It’s up to you and me to bring them to life on a day-to-day basis and make them the new norm.

Imagine how you would feel if you knew how to make changes for a better world. Interested? If so, contact me directly to arrange a convenient appointment time.

I’d love to know what you think of what I’ve said here.

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