Sixteen Wise Ways to work more effectively with your manager

Sixteen Wise Ways to work more effectively with your manager

Sixteen Wise Ways to work more effectively with your managerby Jacquie Wise

Your role is to help your manager achieve objectives effectively, as well as find challenges of your own for your job enjoyment and enrichment.

Bear in mind that some managers (bosses) need more training than others before they can learn how to lead!

Encourage your boss to:

1    Spend the first, or last, 5 – 15 minutes of each day with you to review priorities and instructions.

2    Avoid interrupting you by jotting down items to be discussed together at a later time.

3    Delegate to you as much as possible.  Suggest that you could answer routine correspondence or draft replies, follow-up on projects, do research.

4    Share information about his/her objectives, new projects, etc.  This will enable you to handle questions or minor problems.

5    Advise you where s/he is going, approximately when s/he will return, and if possible, where to be reached in an emergency.

6    Keep paperwork moving and keep you informed.

7    Establish with you a plan for controlling telephone calls and drop-in visitors.

8    Introduce you to associates, clients and customers.  You can then handle the routine and detailed work when enquiries come in or your boss is away.

9    Regularly review performance, discuss mutual problems and plans and reinforce the team relationship.  Suggest every three months for a quick review.

10    Block a period of time for priority work.  Introduce a ‘quiet hour’.

You need to:

1    Know your boss’s long and short-term objectives.

2    Keep current on organisation policies and procedures. Read client files.

3    Spell out your own career objectives, update your  job description.

4    Be prepared for meetings.  Prepare questions.

5    If you make a mistake, admit it, so corrective action can be taken.

6    Be patient and flexible. Keep your sense of humour and remain polite and cheerful.

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