Skills valued by organisations

Skills valued by organisations

by Jacquie Wise

Skills valued by organisationsThe beginning of a new year is a good time to make sure you’re developing the skills and attributes that are most useful for your career path.

Recruiters are looking for those skills and will ask you for examples that demonstrate you have developed them.  They are especially important if you’re in a senior role.  Here’s what you should consider:

Personal Attributes
Capacity to display:
•    personal composure under pressure
•    positive attitudes, flexibility and objectivity
•    judgement and maturity in actions and behaviour
•    resourcefulness and persistence in achieving timely and appropriate results

Interpersonal Attributes
Capacity to:
•    gain the co-operation and acceptance of others
•    make an effective and stimulating contribution to corporate management teams
•    represent and negotiate on behalf of your client or organization
•    provide sound leadership and motivate staff to produce results
•    develop staff and make accurate assessment of their abilities and performance
•    identify and encourage the development of management skills among staff
(or self/management)

Analytical Skills
Capacity to:
•    identify and comprehend the essential details of issues
•    focus objectively on key factors and draw sound conclusions from available data
•    analyse the likely impact of alternative courses of action
•    test assumptions and revise conclusions in the light of new experiences

Problem-Solving and Innovative Skills
Capacity to:
•    bring fresh perspectives to bear on problems and possible solutions
•    anticipate and not simply respond to the needs of the client or of the enterprise
•    be energetic in approaching opportunities to increase operational
effectiveness, revenue generation, etc.

Decision-Making Skills
Capacity to:
•    identify and weigh appropriately all relevant factors
•    make logical and considered decisions within appropriate time frames
•    accept responsibility for decisions

Communication Skills
Capacity to:
•    listen attentively and respond appropriately in face-to-face discussions
•    present ideas, information and proposals clearly and effectively both orally and on paper
•    provide staff with clear and constructive direction and advice
•    present information and ideas to groups of people

Work Organization Skills
Capacity to:
•    establish objectives and priorities and to plan, program and
co-ordinate activities
•    delegate work and allocate resources appropriately
•    meet deadlines reliably, and produce high quality results
•    monitor and evaluate performance, and adjust to changed circumstances

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