The New Consciousness – What does it mean?

The New Consciousness – What does it mean?

The New Consciousness What does it meanby Jacquie Wise

This article explores a range of concepts.  To find out a bit more about my background in this field, please visit About Jacquie Wise.

There’s a lot of talk around about the ending of our ‘old world’ and the birth of a new consciousness that we’ve all heard something about it, be it sense or nonsense.

Some say the new consciousness that is to lead us into to the ‘new world’ came into being on December 21st 2012.

A new frequency doesn’t come in one hit.  It can’t: We couldn’t cope with it, physically or emotionally.  It’s like getting a high-frequency electric shock. So that concept doesn’t sit well with me.

We bring into the world the frequency of a higher consciousness by changing our own individual frequency.

Every thought and action you have carries a frequency—positive or negative— that spreads to other people.  When enough people think in the same way and want the same things, it reaches a critical mass, and this is what brings in a different frequency that affects all of us.

Frequencies shift gradually as we shift, and while a few of us are able to turn ourselves around totally on the basis of one decision, most of us don’t operate that fast. (Come on, be honest, do you?)

Science has taught us that frequencies are magnetic.

We attract a frequency that vibrates at the same level as our own frequency of the moment.

New frequencies that we attract come in short bursts, with gaps of at least a few days if not months or decades in between, to allow us to adjust.  Some of you may have felt a higher frequency in a burst of up to ten minutes that felt like an injection of energy—a noticeable buzz that may have made you temporarily feel jittery and ‘high’ before it just as suddenly stops.

Anyway, ‘nuff about frequencies. That’s not what’s important. I just wanted to ground the information and misinformation that’s floating around.  What’s important is what action we can take to bring about all this new world stuff.

The new consciousness means that what was once considered weird thinking has now been backed by scientific evidence. So it has now been accepted as valid and is rapidly becoming the new norm.

Consciousness includes having a deeper level of understanding of the interconnectedness of all aspects of life and of each one of us being a part of a greater whole.

It means we’re ready to raise to our conscious mind some of the formerly subconscious issues underlying our behaviours and are more ready than ever before to take responsibility for making positive change.

When something happens, we’re now more likely to ask ‘What do I need to learn from this?’

We’re moving out of a frequency of blame and victimhood into a frequency of self-determination and personal responsibility.

Businesses are increasingly seeking to operate from a place of holistic wisdom, with policies including fair trade, integrity, and values-based practices that generate sustainable results.  More recently, I even came across the term ‘conscious marketing’.

Authenticity is part of this movement, with corporations and individuals alike working from the inside out, aware that their actions reveal who they really are.

What may start out as a public relations initiative becomes the expected standard. Consumers are demanding higher standards and levels of authenticity.

I’ve noticed profiles of key executives in the press now focus more and more on their integrity, values and contribution to society.

In America, the success of an executive is measured in part by the amount they donate to charities. I look forward to seeing that standard becoming the norm in Australia.

Pop stars and film stars are falling over themselves to represent a charity or a cause.  It’s the ‘in thing’. So what if it’s fake to begin with, for some.  It still becomes the new norm, it still has a beneficial outcome, and it still becomes the ‘new world’ of higher consciousness.

Social media has also forced us to be fully accountable for what we say, or risk a huge backlash.

Social media has increased our opportunity as individuals to access the democratic process and change public opinion, which in turn, pressures governments and corporations to create a better world.

I could go on for pages about the significant changes I’ve been seen over the years, all positive.

The bottom line is, we are in an exciting stage of our evolution, or if you prefer, growth into maturity.

The next question is:  ‘What can each on of us do in our little corner of the world, to contribute to this growth, within ourselves as well as within our community?

For ideas, go to the Make A Difference page.

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