Thinking with your soul

Thinking with your soul

Thinking with your soulby Jacquie Wise

Thinking with your soul means looking for the higher purpose in every situation, and taking action from a more expanded perspective, or your Higher Self.

It helps to look at every situation from four perspectives

If you overlook one of these perspectives, it can make it harder to resolve an issue.  It’s like leaving a gap in a circle through which more negativity can slip in.

The four perspectives are the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual or philosophical.

Let’s look at two examples – healing conflict and if you hate your job.

Healing conflict

At the physical level:  Maybe a hug is needed, or a bunch of flowers and an apology.  Or a thoughtful deed done, like helping with a task to make up for something you might have done to offend.

At the emotional level:  It’s just as important to address the hurt.  At least acknowledge the emotion the person might be experiencing whether you see the point or not.  Never judge.  Sometimes that’s all it takes to create empathy on which any good relationship is based.  We all need to be heard and understood.

At the mental level:  Deal with the facts of the situation to find a solution, or at least a compromise.  Discuss the different needs and explore options of how they can be met.  Formulate action plans to ensure the solutions are put in place.

At the spiritual level:  Visualise a solution transpiring.  Put your energy into changing your expectations of the person. Give them the benefit of the doubt and project an energy of tolerance, compassion and relaxed friendship towards them. Protect yourself from their ‘poisonous darts’ by imagining a protective shield of white light around you, through which nothing can penetrate.

Look for the soul contract with this person.  There is a reason you have drawn them into your life.  You are each teaching each other something, whether it’s how to deal with conflict in a more mature, assertive way, or how to know when it’s time to walk away.

If you hate your job

At the physical level: Consider that you might be in the right place at the right time to develop contacts, references, or gain experience that will be useful for the next stage of your career, even if you can’t see it now..

At the emotional level:  Are you staying there for fear of moving on?  If you dislike the people you work with, could they be challenging you to develop assertiveness or emotional resilience? Are you too caught up in your own emotions, like resentment or jealousy? Perhaps you need to become more aware of your own patterns.  Maybe it’s your own negative attitude that’s bringing you down and this is what needs to change.

At the mental level: You might be developing strategies for communication, problem-solving, planning or project management skills.  And in working out what’s wrong about this job, you’re learning about yourself as you assess your interests and values.  You’ll be better placed to recognise a job that’s a better fit.

At the spiritual level:  Link the challenges you’re experiencing to your overall life purpose.  In this way, you’ll see them as valuable steps to get you to your next level.

Four perspectives

By looking at life from these four perspectives, you’ll see each challenge as a golden opportunity to grow, and you’ll make better use of each instead of missing the opportunity, as we so often do.

Even routine tasks can take on meaning if seen in the context of the bigger picture.  If you leave one situation, without facing those challenges, you’ll only have to face them somewhere else. Learn how to deal with the issues, get rid of them, then move on.

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