Value Your Life As A Process

Value Your Life As A Process

Value Your Life As A Processby Jacquie Wise

Ralph Waldo Emerson said
Life is a journey, not a destination’.

Common misunderstandings of the process.

Typically, we tend to strive for some end point that will make us reach enlightenment. If we feel we’ve arrived, some of us assume we are spiritually superior in some way.

This urge to ‘arrive’ can make us overlook the progress we have succeeding in making along the way.

Or we overlook opportunities for small improvements, believing they don’t count.

On the other hand, we might feel stuck, not understanding that this experience of being stuck is as much a part of our process of growth.

Life is not stagnant.

François La Rochefoucauld said:
The only thing constant in life is change.

When you recognise that you are a soul with an earthly body in the process of evolving through change, you’re more likely to be gentle with yourself.

You’re more likely to see how you blossom when you allow yourself to expand. You’re also more likely to observe what happens when you avoid or shut down.

You’ll recognise that new options and potentials are revealed only as the process unfolds.

Your responsibility is to recognise that you do have choices, even if that choice is to do nothing. And every choice you make leads to a consequence, good or bad.

As you take the time to reflect on your actions and growth, you’ll gain the wisdom you need to make better choices.

It’s the wisdom you gain that makes you more ‘enlightened’. We could say that enlightenment is having more ‘aha’ moments.

Our relationships are processes through which we grow.

If you view each relationship, personal or professional, as an opportunity presented to you through which you can grow in maturity and wisdom, you’re more likely to value it when you’re in it, and not bear resentments if it ends.

As you make choices and think about potential consequences, you gain wisdom. As you learn to deal comfortably with greater responsibility, you can make increasingly bigger and better choices

You may be able to sense, ahead of time, some of the possibilities open to you. Typically, they emerge only when you take the next step to move along in life.

You don’t have to know where you will end up. You just need to be able to take a chance. Take the next step and take it responsibly. Just take it. And watch what happens.

Don’t forget that, as you take one chance and move forward, you might be leaving a space for someone else to take a chance.

You might be surprised at what opens up for you. And looking back, you’ll see how your experiences have helped you gain insights. That’s wisdom. And that’s spiritual growth. That’s enlightenment.

That’s the process, and the purpose of your life.

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