What principles guide your life?

What principles guide your life?

What principles guide your life?by Jacquie Wise

We can find inspiration and guidance in all kinds of unexpected places.

I recently went to a gallery exhibiting the works of the Australian painter Ken Whisson. Amongst the background information of his life on the walls of the exhibition, was this quote of his:

May you live your life as if the maxim of your actions
were to become universal law.

This resonated with me very strongly.  Whisson put into words, in a much clearer way than I’ve ever been able to express, a perspective that guides my life.

Whatever we do, whatever we think, creates a shift in our energy field that vibrates at a certain frequency.  This vibration can be felt by others and therefore has an impact on them.

I’m sure you remember times when you’ve felt the mere presence of someone dragging you down or uplifting you, without a single word being spoken.

All of our thoughts and actions create a vibration that we emit into the world. Depending on the quality of those thoughts and actions, we can be spitting out negative vibes of hatred, prejudice, bitterness and whatever else that will hold our evolution back, or we can be radiating a frequency of compassion, courage, commitment—positive, inspiring frequencies.  It’s your choice.

Take small steps and watch how you can influence others.

As one tiny example, in my street, the council planted a row of trees in front of every house.  Lovely.  But under these trees, we have patches of soil in which weeds grow.  Not so lovely.  I decided to plant gazanias under my tree.  Gazanias are drought-resistant, daisy-looking flowers that spread nicely and have a long flowering life.

Over time, my neighbours also planted gazanias, one by one, until, in the end, the whole street was a blaze of colour.  And joy—no weeds!

It wasn’t my intention to influence anyone, but it happened naturally, one by one.

To become aware of the choices you make from the perspective of the frequencies you emit, because they collectively become ‘universal law’—
that’s your life purpose.

What proverbs, maxims, poems or songs guide your life?  Share them with me. I’d love to hear from you.

I’d love to know what you think of what I’ve said here.

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