October 25, 2012

Evolution of Consciousness

Here is a list of books that Jacquie Wise recommends on the topic of Evolution of Consciousness.

The Good Life – What Makes a Life Worth Living?Hugh MackayPan Macmillan Australia ISBN 9781742612133

ReconnectingThe Next Dimension in our Expanding Consciousness Jacquie Wise Wise Ways PressISBN 0-9757604-3-2
Count Your Blessings Dr John F Demartini Element (Thorsons)ISBN
Integral Consciousness And The Future of Evolution Steve Mclntosh Riverhead Books NYISBN
The Dark Side of Light Chasers Debbie Ford Paragon House
ISBN 978-1-55778-867-2
The Secret of the Shadow Debbie Ford Harper CollinsISBN
Spiritual Emergency Stanislav Grof MDChristina Grof Penguin PutnumISBN
The Heart of the Soul Gary Zukav &Linda Francis Simon & SchusterISBN
The Mind of the Soul Gary Zukav &Linda Francis Simon & SchusterISBN
Thinking With Your Soul, Spiritual Intelligence and Why It Matters Richard N. Wolman, PhD Broadway Books ISBN-13: 978-0767900423
Living Enlightenment – A Call For Evolution Beyond Ego Andrew Cohen What Is Enlighenment? Press ISBN13: 9781883929305
Conversations with God (Vol. 1-3) Neale Donald Walsch Hodder & StoughtonISBN
Friendship with God Neale Donald Walsch ISBN
The Five Stages of the Soul Harry MoodyDavid Carroll RiderISBN
Handbook to Higher Consciousness Ken Keyes Jr Love Line BooksISBN
Global Mind Change Willis Harman Knowledge Systems Inc.ISBN
Future Lives J L Simmons Bear & Company PublishingISBN
The Great Turning Craig SchindlerGary Lapid Bear & Company PublishingISBN
The Shape of Things to Come Jane Anderson Random HouseISBN
Mastery of Awareness Dona Bernadette Virgil Bear & CoISBN
The Paradoxical Commandments Kent M. Keith HodderISBN
The Way Ahead Eddie & Debbie Shapiro Element (Thorsons)ISBN
The Path of Transformation Shakti Gawain NatarajISBN
Living in the Light Workbook Shakti Gawain New World LibraryISBN
Right & WrongHow to Decide for Yourself Hugh Mackay HodderISBN 0-7336-1549-X
A Conscious Life Fran Cox &Louis Cox PhD Conari PressISBN
The Four Agreements Don Miguel Ruiz Amber-AllenISBN
Journey of Souls Michael Newton PhD. LlewellynISBN
Destiny of Souls Michael Newton PhD. LlewellynISBN

Jacquie Wise recommends many other books on Life, Love, Work and Soul and also has a blog where she regularly writes on a variety of topics.

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