July 12, 2013

Spirituality and Science

Here is a list of books that Jacquie Wise recommends on the topic of Spirituality and Science.

Quantum Enigma  Bruce Rosenblum and Fred Kuttner Oxford ISBN 978-0-19-975381-9
Entangled Minds  Dean Radin,PHD Paraview Pocket Books ISBN 978-1-4165-1677-4
Extraordinary Knowing  Elizabeth Lloyd Mayer. Ph.D. Bantam Books ISBN 978-0-553-38223-5
The Conscious Universe  Dean Radin,PHD Harper One ISBN 978-0-06-177899-5
Supernormal  Dean Radin,PHD Deepak Chopra Books ISBN 978-0-307-98690-0
Life after Life  Raymond A. Moody, Jr Bantam
The Tao of Physics  Fritjof Capra Flamingo ISBN 0-00654023-6
Old Souls – The Scientific Evidence for Past Lives  Tom Shroder ISimon & Schuster ISBN 0-684-85192-X
The Scole Experiment-Scientific Evidence for Life after Death  Grant & Jane Solomon Piatkus ISBN 0-7499-2032-7
 The Marriage of Sense & Soul Integrating Science & Religion  Ken Wilber Hill of Content ISBN 0-8557-2287-8
Where Science & Magic Meet  Serena Roney-Dougal Element (Thorsons) ISBN 1-85230-446-4
The Shape of Things to Come  Jane Anderson Random House ISBN 0-09-183667-0
The Field  Lynne McTaggart Element (Thorsons) ISBN 0-00-714510-1
The Sense of Being Stared At  Rupert Sheldrake Random House ISBN 0-09-944153-5

Jacquie Wise recommends many other books on Life, Love, Work and Soul and also has a blog where she regularly writes on a variety of topics.

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