August 10, 2012

How to Build Confidence Step by Step

Confidence Audio Book

Title: How to Build Confidence Step by Step

By: Jacquie Wise

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Published: 2009

Language: English

Duration: 45 minute audio recording

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Lack of confidence holds us back from being the best we can be and living our best lives.

In this inspiring presentation, Jacquie Wise shows you how you can break out of your mental straight-jacket and gain confidence and self-esteem—the foundations of a fulfilling life.

Jacquie’s unique approach and deep understanding grew from her own battle with fear—and subsequent victory. She shares with you her proven strategies for success.


(Individual sound tracks)

1 Introduction
2 Check your attitude
3 If I can do it, you can do it too
4 Make it your choice
5 Six places to find your sense of purpose
6 Characteristics of confident people
7 How to stop worrying what other people think
8 How to make decisions quickly
9 Lose your fear of being wrong
10 Putting it all together—Your action plan
11 Learning from your failures
12 Take small steps towards confidence
13 Three distinct stages
14 How to get in touch with Jacquie Wise

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