August 10, 2012

Reconnecting The Next Dimension in our Expanding Consciousness


Title: Reconnecting: The Next Dimension in our Expanding Consciousness

By: Jacquie Wise

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ISBN: 0-9757604-3-2

Product Number: B2006-01-001

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Published: 2006

Publisher: Wise Ways Press

Edition: First Edition

History: First published 2006 by Wise Ways Press

Language: English

Pages: 214

Format: Hardback

Description: Whatever your current level of understanding, you’ll find here a coherent, grounded framework to reconnect you with your sense of soul, your purpose, and your innate spiritual intelligence. This book is the harvest of a lifetime of experience, study and intuitive perceptions.

Written in Jacquie’s characteristically down-to-earth banter, Reconnecting shows you how to bring mysticism into your everyday life and how you can contribute to creating a different world reality.

Reconnecting has three sections:

The Big Picture gives a comprehensive overview of how our universe works form a spiritual perspective, clears misconceptions in our current understanding of universal laws, and illustrates the connections between major beliefs and mystical teaching,

The Smaller Picture looks at who we are as spiritual beings, where we fit into The Big Picture, and our mutually interdependent purpose to author the spiritual evolution of the human family.

The Individual Picture provides you with practical tools to understand your own journey, express the highest spiritual values in all aspects of life, and leave a significant legacy behind.

‘A new energy of expanded consciousness is growing throughout the world, We are all Masters in training; our task is one of unity, integration and reconnection. Together, we can build the resonance of peace, compassion and integrity in our turbulent world. The time to answer the call is now.’ Jacquie Wise




1 Our New Understanding of the God-Force

The Critical Mass

‘God is Love’—What Does that Mean?

Evil is the Absence of Universal Love

2 Masters, Angels and the Gang Upstairs

Ascended Masters

The Angelic Realm


The Gang Upstairs

How to Communicate with your Guides

3 Parallel Pathways

Is there a ‘Right’ Religion?

Polytheistic Religions






Sufism (Islamic Mysticism)

Judaism & Christianity

Kabbalism (Jewish Mysticism)

Principles of Paganism

Australian Aboriginal Dreaming

Native American Indian

Ancient Egyptian and Greek Philosophers

Reincarnation and Karma in World Thought

Examples of ‘All as One’ in World Thought

What Might We Conclude From All This?

4 Universal Laws—Myths & Misconceptions

The Law of Reincarnation

The Law of Karma

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Manifestation

And When it Doesn’t Work

More Misconceptions to Dispel



5 So, Who Are We?

Your Aura Reflects Your True Self

Our Subtle Bodies

The Chakras

Some Confusions

6 Why Are We Here?

A Journey of Involution to Evolution

You Are a Master in Training

Your Soul’s Journey to Enlightenment

Light Workers

Thinking With Your Soul

7 What’s the World Coming to?

Where We’ve Come From Shows Us Where We’re Going

The Dark Side of the Century

The Way of the Future

8 Our Journey to Enlightenment

University of Life—Faculty of Planet Earth Curriculum

Your Personal Curriculum

Are You Growing Up As You Grow Older?

When is Good Enough Good Enough?



9 Tracking your Spiritual Path

Take an Overview of Your Life

Who Are Your Tutors?

Soul Agreements

Summary—Where Are You Now in Your Life?

Your Future Path

10 Out of the Shadows

We Are Programmed to Protect Ourselves from Harm

How to Sort Out Your Values

Get to Know the REAL You

What Games Are You Playing?

How to Let Go

Develop Non-Resentful Acceptance

Watch Your Language!

Make Mindfulness Your New Way of Being

11 Finding your own Purpose

Look Inward

Look Outward

Look Forward

Look Back

The Purpose of Tragedy

When Life Seems Unfair

12 Making a Difference

Seven Fields of Service

Practical Ways to Develop the Good Around You

Your Contract with The Light

How to Recognise a Tap on the Shoulder

Let Your Light Shine

The New World We’re Working Towards

The Hurry-Up Call

Suggested Reading List

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© Jacquie Wise 2009 All rights reserved. Unauthorised copying, hiring, lending, distribution or public broadcasting of this publication is prohibited.


‘Your soul will drink in these words, and your life will find a new purpose just by opening to these simple thoughts. Grounded in its delivery, this is a book people from every walk of life can enjoy. This is universal wisdom.’
James Twyman, Emissary of Light

You’ve answered so many questions I had about the way the universe works. Everything makes sense to me now. Thank you so much.
Name withheld

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