January 28, 2012

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 Feedback from private clients – LifeWise Ways Life


I’d like to express my thanks to your for the deep way in which my contact with you has enriched my life. I appreciate your ability to deliver a tough “get up and do something about yourself” pep-talk at the same time that you also communicate a gentle “we all have shortcomings and it’s nothing to be ashamed of” acceptance. Your ability to delineate the skills that are useful in transforming vague longings into reality has changed my life. I can’t thank you enough.
LS Essendon, Melbourne

Thanks to you, I have started feeling a fairly amazing sense of peace and relief, with some tiredness, like at the end of a long journey. I’m very conscious of needing to do whatever I need to do to stay on track. Thinking of you what I most remember is your own story of what you have overcome and how you did it. Such pure courage, I have such admiration for you. It’s such a light for people to hang onto, and I hope you realise how much what you do helps others.
LB Melbourne

Its all thanks to you: people say to me your personality has changed, you look younger, we came up with this new life for me and I am so excited about it; I got a direction for my life.
MS Caulfield, Melbourne

Hi Jacqueline, I’d like to you to add to my Facebook. I saw you at South Yarra shop in 05th August since when my life’s changed for better from darkest times.
Eternally grateful to you for asking me to go to Jacquie Wise. Cheers N Published at http://www.jacquelene.com.au/feedback_archive.htm

I want to thank you for helping me rid my life of my childhood demons and teach me how to take control of my thoughts, my actions and my responses. You were right, it has been a ‘beautiful’ journey that I have embarked on Thank you for saving me from my ‘old self’.
GR Reservoir, Melbourne

This is just a note to say a very big thank you for assisting me to see more clearly when it was evident I was bogged down on my life path. The best investment this year I have made was making my first appointment with you. Through your delicate yet firm approach, and with my continual thirst and want to get ahead, I can truly say I am no really enjoying waking up each morning.
LH Doncaster, Melbourne

Before I was blind, but now I see. Thank you for showing me I had my sight all the time. You have given me the tools to make me aware and the skills t deal with what I see. Your sessions have given me the confidence, motivation and vision to run towards life with open arms and to embrace all that there is. With more love and appreciation than I could ever hope to express.
PM Burwood East, Melbourne

How can I thank you for your wise words (you are so aptly named) which dissolved two of my mountains into small mole hills—you said exactly the right things to help me…in what had seemed an insurmountable problem for years.
JW St Kilda, Melbourne

Thanks and thanks again for opening windows and doors.  All I had to do was walk through and look Beyond.
SG St Kilda, Melbourne

We thank you for your ‘Wise-dom’ shared with us over the past few days.  And wish to congratulate you on the wide range of material you presented to use in such a challenging, but non-threatening way.
DH, Mitcham, Melbourne

Thank you for your help in cleaning and clearing up a part of my life.  You are like a whirlwind, but left a feeling of liberation behind.
CJ Hawthorn, Melbourne

I have no doubt that you are very familiar with the way I have felt:  rejected, fearful, betrayed, etc.  I am also sure that you now know that you have given me a new way to look at who I am and where I am.  I can only say that meeting  you has enriched my life.  My heartfelt thanks.
JMC, Camberwell

To have met and known you is one of the nicest experiences I’ve had.  Through the example of your own courage and determination, your warm encouragement and gentle pushing (!), I’ve begun to live.
PW, Rye

I am writing to thank you for turning my life into a positive experience.  I will never forget you.  I consider myself so lucky to have found you.
MNJ, Bundoora

I am enormously grateful to you for your help in what had seemed an insurmountable problem for several years.  I now have a flying start for this year.
JW, St Kilda

Thank you for the special feeling of freedom that is growing within me because of my association with you.  Thank you for challenging my sensitivity, thank you for enabling me to experience new life, thank you for helping me to be and find me.
RW, Melbourne

What I most remember is your own story of what you have overcome and how you did it.  Such pure courage, I have such admiration for you.  It’s such a light for people to hang on to, and I hope  you realise how much what you do helps others.  I am more of a doer.  I have started feeling an amazing sense of peace and self-acceptance, and scraps of joy again, feeling quietly happy with a confidence that I am on my life path.
LB, Melbourne

You were an absolute god-send for me last year.  I feel I’ve come out of a big, black hole.  Life is infinitely better.
ST, Melbourne

You are the true star.  You have made so many changes.  If I can get 1/20th of your joy at life, I’ll be winning.
CD, Melbourne

This is just a note to say a very big thank  you for assisting me to see more clearly when it was evident I was bogged down on my life path.  The best investment this year I have made is making my first appointment with you.  Through your delicate yet firm approach, and with my continual thirst to get ahead, I can truly say I am now really enjoying waking up each morning.
LH, Melbourne

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Wise Ways Love

Feedback from private clients – Love


What an impact you’ve had on me! I wanted to thank you for the help you gave me which has brought me the closeness I was hoping for with my daughter. Clarifying how I need to interact with her has helped us sort out our issues. I am so glad we met, Jacquie.
ZW Lorne, Victoria

You’ve shown me so clearly the games I’ve been playing through all my relationships. I can’t believe I never realised it and yet it’s so obvious to me now. Thank you for helping me break that pattern.
JM Wantirna, Melbourne

Painful as the decision was, you helped me see I was in a toxic relationship and gave me the courage to change my life. I can’t thank you enough for helping me set myself free.
LH Mildura, Victoria

Thank you for holding my hand through one of the most difficult challenges of my life. You not only guided me to embrace my true self, but helped my family cope with the news that I’m gay. Thank you for helping them accept me for who I really am. What I thought would be impossible has turned out to be a comfortable reality. I still can’t believe it.
MF Essendon, Melbourne

Just a few lines to thank you for giving me so much to think about. As well as having more confidence beginning my life as an individual, I can identify those “not so good things” about myself which probably contributed to my separation. Thank you for your insights. CW Northcote, Melbourne

We haven’t been speaking for so many years, I never would have thought it possible to heal those rifts. Doing it by emails across the miles was even more delicate, but your careful wording and insight into how my sisters would react and feel to every word was amazing. Thank you for bringing us together again.
JT Geelong, Victoria

You’ve given me so much advice and help in so many areas of my life.  You were virtually the only one who supported me through the really painful times.  Although a lot of stuff still really hurts, it’s not as bad now.  Thanks to you, I’m getting my life back together, and I’m heading in the right direction.
LG, Melbourne

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Wise Ways Work

Feedback from private clients – Work


Thanks to your guidance over the sessions I’ve had with you, I have risen rapidly from clerk to Area Manager. All I did was put into practice what you taught me, and I can’t thank you enough.
WP Melbourne

I would like to thank you for exposing me to such a wide variety of staff supervision and middle management techniques. I am finding that I have renewed vigour for organization and efficiency, which is pulling us all into shape! I now enjoy the extra responsibilities involved with leading a department.
JT Ashburton, Melbourne

As you know, the very thought of presenting at an international conference was terrifying. Thank you so much for helping me get every detail perfect. You’ll also be pleased to know that the conference organisers told me that my (your!) presentation and visuals were the best of the conference. Praise indeed!
BF Melbourne

I realise that I have come a long way this year and have had many breakthroughs that were made possible because I had good coaching from you.  Take a bow, Wise Jacquie.
JM Melbourne

Thank you Jacquie for your guidance in developing my marketing tools – the website, profile, and marketing letters.  Your ability to work laterally through my different requirements has contributed to excellent solutions being developed quickly.
Brian Holyoake, Director, HCM

Thank you immensely for all the wonderful work you have done with me that has enriched my capability as a manager and has enriched my personal life.  Your guidance led me to a senior role and to being head-hunted.
DK, Melbourne

I feel so privileged that you have been my mentor for the past year.  I thank you for your encouragement and inspiration.  I have learned so much from you.  I admire your dynamism, your commitment to my dream, and your sensitivity towards people.  I thank you so much for the opportunities you have given me to grow and to develop my business.
ZS, Melbourne

Thank you so, so much for getting my head, my life, and my office in order.  Whenever I get off track, I ask myself – now what would Jacquie say…You have no idea how much it helps!
Chelsea Brown, Entertainer

You manage to create so much space in my tiny office.  I never would have believed it would be possible!  The new structures help me keep things in order.
AB, Melbourne

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Wise Ways Soul

Feedback from private clients – Soul


Now that I can clearly identify and understand my karmic patterns I’ve been stuck in, I feel able to change them. The way you showed me how was so clear. Thanks, Jacquie.
TH Eltham, Melbourne

Thank you for the opportunity to think about the whole of my emotional experience without judgement, and for re-awakening my enthusiasm for the whole messy, noisy adventure of life.
CS Ivanhoe, Melbourne

Understanding our soul contracts has made all the difference to our relationship. We can see what we’re doing, and what we need to change. We’re now closer than we’ve ever been. Thank you Jacquie, you’ve saved our marriage.
RD Oakleigh, Melbourne

My sessions with you made a bigger impact on me than you can imagine. Jacquie. You’ve given me tools to see clearly the purpose of what’s been holding me back and now I have the insights I need to grow and progress, and I can’t wait to live the life I’m meant to live.
DF Horsham, Victoria

Thank you for helping me transform my life, Jacquie, especially for awakening my insight and intuition.
CW Northcote, Melbourne

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FeeJacquie Wise Public Coursesdback from participants of public courses – Life


I wonder do you realise the quality of information you are giving in your courses. I have attended several and always feel richer for the experience.
JL Camberwell

I found you to be an inspiration. Thank you.

One of the most enjoyable and rewarding courses I have ever attended.
Name not provided

I walked into your course feeling something like: I’m paying for this—it better be good. I walked away from your course feeling very privileged to have participated in an immense experience. You have stirred deep emotions inside me and started whole new trains of thought. Thank you Jacquie.
JE Glen Waverly, Melbourne

I count myself blessed indeed to have encountered such a person as you in a learning situation.  You can deliver sharp electric shocks to shake one out of a state of complacency, but that is always accompanied by your penetrating wisdom and humour.  More than I ever imagined, your course has helped me create an entirely new lifestyle.
JB, Melbourne

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Feedback from participants of public courses – Love

Many years ago I enrolled in your course, The Gift of the Gab. You know what? This is the best course I have ever done. It is just fantastic! every day I put in to practice what I learned. I can converse better and be happy at functions. Cheers! JVH, Fairfield

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Feedback from participants of public courses – Work

Anyone attending Jacquie Wise’s courses can’t help but succeed in management.
PK, Kew

This presentation compares more favourably than others I have attended over the years. There is more content in this course, it is presented with better organization and the handout material is far superior…Jacquie Wise is one of the best speakers that I have experienced either at university courses, business seminars or at TAFE courses.
NP Melbourne

Any course that Jacquie Wise organises and presents would be of value to any professional person… I have a high regard for her knowledge and experience.
Name not provided

Jacquie Wise practised everything she taught. Positive listening, good communication, attention to problem areas and lots of confidence exuded. To present so much useful information in sucha short time to so many interested people was a mammoth task of planning. Many thanks.
Name not provided

Jacquie Wise knows how to impart information. Always willing to spend additional time after lectures to clarify any doubtful points or answer questions. I did not expect anything like as much detailed information.
Name not provided

You completely held my interest all the way through. Thank you.
Name not provided

Informative, exceptionally well presented. Topics were very evenly covered, as well as allowing time for discussion. Jacquie is very knowledgeable on her subjects as well as very experienced, and is therefore very interesting and credible to listen to. Her delivery is natural, enthusiastic and always interesting. She is very conscious of the needs of the students and emphasises those areas.
Name not provided

An excellent tutor. Did a brilliant job for such a long lecture and never let you get bored. A truly remarkable woman.
Name not provided

I used to be completely overwhelmed at the thought of standing up in front of people, but now I can present to my management without being phased. I even enjoy presenting and I never thought I’d be able to say that!
Name not provided

As a woman in a male-dominated field, I thought problems I was facing were just typical of sexism.  Jacquie Wise has shown me very clearly all the little ways in which we can let ourselves down, and has given us so many practical strategies, I have renewed confidence.  Jacquie is a shining example of what a business woman should be.
RL, Caulfield

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Feedback from participants of public courses – Soul

I came to your course, Soulmates, Angels and Guides, because I read your book Reconnecting. It resonated with me on so many levels, and clarified so much—I felt I just had to meet the author! It was great being able to talk to you and get answers to my questions. I feel blessed.
NK St Kilda, Melbourne

You’ve answered so many questions I had about the way the universe works. Everything makes sense to me now. Thank you so much.
Name not provided

Your course is so clear, and you’ve packed so much in it, thank you. It gave me a great overview of everything I needed to understand and how things fit together. It was the first time I understood the fundamentals of enlightenment and how to reach deep insights.
GG Ringwood, Melbourne

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Wise Ways - Public courses seminars and speaking

Feedback from conference organisers
– Jacquie Wise Presentations

Your session did make a real difference to all present and it has set a benchmark for our meetings.  The elements you included that had an audience impact were powerful story-telling, experiential learning and an engaging style.
Lyn Russell, Mount Eliza Business School

…We had many notable speakers from Australia and the USA and the overall standard of presentation was very high and feedback most rewarding.  As mentioned at the time, your presentation was one of the best…your content was good quality and your calm, delightful manner was most evident throughout.
Noel Waite, Executive Chairman, AUSAM Entrepreneurial Women’s Fair

You are to be commended for the professional manner in which you prepared and presented your paper to delegates…the way in which delegates responded to your address is testimony to your level of knowledge of the subject and the high quality of presentation of your paper.
Ian Robins, Convener, Municipal Works Officers Conference

I will never be able to thank Jacquie enough for the gift she shared with us.  It was a well-thought out day…Jacquie Wise showed us a practical, achievable track to run on.
Jennifer Moss, Financial Wisdom

Your treatment of the topic was very professional and contained much practical information and advice.  This, combined with the injection of a little humour elicited a very favourable response from the audience.
Greg Sheehan, City of Nunawading

Just a personal note to thank you for your vibrant and dynamic presentation.
Penguin Club

We have been privileged to have your insight and experience shared amongst our audience tonight.  Thank you for your informative and enlightening performance.
KZ, Mooroolbark

The feedback I have had indicated that they have benefited greatly from your presentation.  It was both practical and inspiring.  The participants came away with a feeling of optimism.
Catholic Education Office

I have never before seen someone who can speak on a level that maintains genuine  interest and enthusiasm in an audience ranging from 15 years to 45 at the same time.  Which is what you achieved on the day.
Smith Family

I can happily report that 990% of the participants rated you 8 or better.  In fact more than half of the assessments rated you a ‘perfect 10’.  Some of the additional expressions and comments included: dynamic; most interesting topic of the day; offered good techniques; Jacquie gave us a lot of practical advice.
Australian Funeral Directors Association

We received enthusiastic response to your presentation, with comments like ‘Fascinating talk’, ‘Very informative, fun’, ‘Generous speaker’, ‘Excellent presentation’.  We look forward to having  you speak again.  Thank you, Jacquie.
Christine Hornby, Community Programs Librarian, Brunswick Library

Thank you for participating as a speaker in the Melbourne Writers’ Festival.  It was a highly successful day as attendances reached 450…I have received only good feedback about your part of the programme and someone even said they like the ‘softness and warmth’ you projected.
Elly Hamilton, Manager, Writers Downunder, Convenor – Melbourne Writers’ Festival

The feedback from our delegates on your address was outstanding!  Responses included:  ‘…new approaches, great presenter, entertaining…’
Esther Perry, President, Local Government Public Relations Association of Australia

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Jacquie Wise on Wise Ways Radio Program

Feedback from listeners of the Wise Ways Radio Show


Thank you with much delight…what great words I’d heard cross the radio today, as I newly discovered upon your Friday Wise Ways program—it really resonated with me. I was listening less than 10 minutes, (around 11:05am) in a rushed mode as I rushed to work—I would have liked to hear more..IS there a podcast or transcript of the episode? Many thanks for your broadcast, truly great to hear. Kind regards, CF, Melbourne

Thanks for your radio programs every Friday—keeping us all positive—for that day and the rest of our week. You are a special person, an angel on the air waves. JP, Melbourne

I’ve only just discovered your radio show on Southern FM and love it. I had been “beating myself up” and feeling very negative, but somehow your way with words had the right “combination” to get through to me in the state I have been in. I was wondering if there are podcasts available to download of previous shows that I have missed out on. Your shows are priceless, I hope they are being recorded!! I feel I need to listen to you more often, and on demand rather than 1hr every fri, which is difficult to do. MG, Melbourne

It’s been such sustenance tuning into your show.
I only wish I discovered it sooner, but perhaps I wasn’t yet ready.
You are a gem to the station. JR, Melbourne

The program was terrific incidentally.
And you covered so much diverse ground.
Really fascinated by the topic on speaking tone and impact on people.
It’s daunting sometimes tuning in, as sometimes your magnifying glass focuses on areas a person
struggles to address themselves—like having a splinter that you know you need to remove, but you know it’s
going to be an agonising process, despite the positive effects that will abound after follow-through! J.R. Melbourne 2012

I gained bucket-loads from your program today.
The topics on Verbal abuse and dealing with inhibitions was incredibly timely and powerful. I truly thank you. JR, Melbourne

Thank you again for your Wise Ways Friday… I tuned into your program on fri for the second time & was amazed to hear you speak on what had been popping into my head for the 2 days previous—this question/idea I was asking myself or the message that was coming through… ‘if you keep doing the same thing, you’ll keep getting the same’!

I was completely surprised to hear it on your show (well maybe not so much a surprise, as the first time I listened in I also resonated strongly with what you were speaking on!) & feel guidance is really asking me to take notice Now… it is around aspects of my material life that are not supporting me/creating more tension- finding another way.

I am working on a shift (have been for some time!!) bringing clarity to my direction by keeping open to intuition, thoughts etc & taking action … perhaps I’m hanging onto fears & keeping myself in the old patterns—I feel stuck and noticed on your website practical ways through individual coaching/counselling and wanting to know if you currently offer that/ is it possible to make an appointment with you? CF, Melbourne

Hi Jacquie, I am from England and started listening to your show when I was visiting friends in Melbourne. I am now a regular listener via your live stream—thank you so much!CD, England

I run a small cafe and always have the radio tuned in to your show on a Friday morning. We now have a group of customers who come in every Friday to listen and discuss the program afterwards over coffee—thank you so much for your wise words and bringing in extra customers! MS, Geelong

I heard your programme ‘Wise Ways’ for the first time last week after reading an article about it in the paper.  Your talk on problem-solving was very practical and down-to-earth.  I have learned so much and enjoy life so much more.  I am very much looking forward to your next programme.
SS Glen Iris

Thanks for your radio programmes every Friday, keeping us all positive for that day and the rest of our week.
JP, Melbourne

Just a note to let you know how much I gain from listening to your radio programme on Friday mornings.  What I love about your show is that you gather wisdom from many different sources, making it relevant and accessible to anybody listening.  I’ve told several friends about the programme and they have become regular listeners as well.
JR, Melbourne

I’m writing to you as a devoted fan and listener of your radio programme for the last two years.  The programme just keeps getting better and better!
JM, Mitcham

Thank you for being you.  Thank you for being a part of everyone’s world on 88.3 FM – Fridays.  You have inspired me in so many ways.  You have shown me the beauty of life in another light.  I can smile from the heart, now, with the Wise Ways that you share, Jacquie.  There are many other listeners that I  have introduced to your show.  Thank you for touching their world and mine.
NG, Melbourne

I’ve listened to your radio programme, Wise Ways, and thought it was wonderfully enlightening.  It helped me focus not only on my inner self, but also my impact on those around me.  I enjoy listening and being stimulated and inspired by you.
KS, Camberwell

I am very impressed with your ‘Wise Ways’ programme, and I specially like the case studies you present from time to time.  It shows how ordinary people can achieve extraordinary results in their lives.  I try not to miss a week.
MH, East Bentleigh

Your programme of ‘Wise Ways’ on 88.3 has been an inspiration to me.  Not only have you offered a diversification of subject material, but also, your individual comments and simplification of even the most complicated subjects into an easy-to-understand and transferable skill has made your programme one not to be missed.  Overall, I have nothing but praise for a programme well run, diversified in nature, easy to listen to, full of practical advice, encouraging, and especially spiritually uplifting.  Thank  you Jacquie and please continue with your excellent radio presentation.
SG, East Bentleigh

I would like to share with you that on Friday, 14 September, 2011, I was listening to your programme on the subject of America.  I was listening to all that you said and the fact that we can add to the healing energy rather than add to the negative energy.  What I got out of your programme, Jacquie, was hope within myself.  You have shared many smart and realistic ideas, and the thought pattern definitely needs to be healthy and positive to be able to gain strength within.”
MG, Melbourne

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Wise Ways - Consulting

Feedback from corporate training and consulting


All of the feedback I have received indicated that the workshops were conducted in a professional manner and the material presented was very relevant to the participants’ needs.  Your design of the ‘Preparing for Performance Appraisal’ was invaluable.
GT Nunn, HR Manager, V-Line

Excellent!  Would definitely recommend this programme and speaker to other organisations.
Bronwyn Street, Development Manager, Multiple Sclerosis Society of Victoria

The course content was found to be most beneficial to Branch Managers and later Assistant Branch Managers that attended.
Geoff Sayers, Training Officer, McIlwraith Distributors (Vic)

An excellent seminar.  Very fast and powerful.  I’m happy with the outcome.
Karen Rocco, Senior Social Worker, Wimmera Base Hospital

It is definitely excellent value for money and appears to be superior to any course offered by the Commonwealth Training Centre.  I strongly recommend further involvement by Commonwealth Personnel in future.
TP Murphy, Technical Services Division, Department of Defence

I would like to express my personal thanks for your great co-operation and involvement in making our inaugural demonstrations in our Studio such a terrific success.
RJ Torrance, Managing Director, David Jones (Australia) Pty Ltd

I would like to thank you for the consultancy work you undertook for AITEA.  The four workshops you presented were very well received.  I was particularly impressed with the high level of interaction you developed within each of the groups, and the attention you gave to providing information relevant to the tertiary education sector.
Maureen Campbell, AITEA

You have been an integral part of the growing success of this College and your contribution has been greatly appreciated, although acknowledged less often than it should have been.  We couldn’t have come as far as we have without you!
Louise Wilson, Executive Director, College of International Business (Vic) Ltd

The management training package you presented has been effective across all settings, especially in relation to controlling the administration tasks.  Discussion with the Management Team since the training days indicates that there has been implementation of a number of strategies and communication  in all areas has improved.  To have such an interesting, practical and useful presentation that provided staff with solutions to some of the difficult situations that occur from time to time was both confidence boosting and morale lifting.  Your continued support after the training also assisted in the easier implementation of strategies learned.
Gail Watts, Association for Severely Handicapped & Family Inc.

I was particularly impressed with the high level of interaction you developed with each of the groups, and the attention you fave to providing information relevant to the tertiary education sector.
Professional Development Committee, University of Melbourne

I am writing to thank  you for your excellent training in business writing that you recently conducted for our Company.  Your personal approach and humour injected enthusiasm and fun into what could otherwise have been a very dry subject.  We have seen an improvement in our staff’s written communication skills as a result of your training.
Barry Rubick, Baulderstone Hornibrook

Staff found the training session very practical, useful, and inspiring and I could feel a strong sense of renewed vigour amongst them during our conversations after the training.  They were already making firm plans for various actions or new ideas to introduce to their teams.
Genimaree Panozzo, Unit Manager, Library Service Development, Moreland City Libraries

Following your recent course on business writing that you gave to members of our property management staff, I have noticed a definite improvement in the quality of letters being written.
Lynn Bevan, Property Manager, Noel Jones and Associates Pty Ltd

Make an enquiry now… or call us on +61 3 9690 8159

Kelly in response to Understanding Bad Behaviour Blog

"This was a very enlightening article Jacquie and it has helped me understand a different perspective for the person who I cut out of my life for many of the same reasons. Your article provided validation and confirmation that I made the right decision...

Thanks you for your wise words once again"

- Kelly


Understanding Bad Behaviour blog here


In response to Blog, 'Is your relationship thriving or stagnating?'


"Thanks Jacquie, that information insightful and well written."


With a difficult decision to make that will drastically change the course of my life, neither my head, heart or intuition could provide any answers. I felt I was floating around in an empty vacuum, with no sense of direction or space, and my brain was dragging me through the same thought circles again and again.

I cannot thank Jacquie enough for dragging me out of that loop and grounding me, for teaching me how to sort through the mess in my mind, and for guiding me in my decision making process. She is an absolutely tremendous person to talk to, and the insights and wisdom she shares is simply extraordinary.

Andrew Tay

Dr Vivienne Decleva

Wonderful tips Jacquie. I printed a copy to keep beside my desk.

'Yes Man' approach - utterly inspiring and refreshing

"I can say that I have never heard anything from you, with which I can disagree. I don't know how you do it. In a world where we are ever critical, and the current paradigm is to say "No" I find your 'Yes Man' approach, utterly inspiring and refreshing...keep up the good work!" - Peter


How to become authentic

Hi Jacquie

Printed out 'Will the Real You Please Stand Up - How to Become Authentic) as it was difficult for me to read and 'absorb' from the screen........Just to say a very BIG thank you for a brilliant article. I read everything you place on Facebook but I found this article extremely helpful....and, yes........profound and inspiring.

Thanks for always sharing 'all' - I really value all you write.

Take care




Jacquie Wise has a wonderful energy and enthusiasm for inspiring people to live their life well. Drawing on a broad range of strategies and knowledge, Jacquie is the consummate life coach. Brava!

Valerie Seal

Uplifting Experience

Hi Jacquie,thank you, great course, well polished and honed for maximum effectiveness.


Ian C

Discussing manners on the radio

Hi Jacquie, I just wanted to let you know I heard you on the radio speaking about manners recently and thought it went really well. It is an area which is sadly lacking in business and in society in general. Thanks for your contribution to the this important area. kind regards Dawn

I love your newsletters

Thank you so much Jacquie for your wonderful newsletters. I love clicking through to the articles each month and I really enjoyed your blog post about George.


Fast Moving, Concise and Comprehensive

The course was fast moving, concise and comprehensive.  The open format of the course allowed questions at any time.  Jacqueline is a charming lady, quick witted and professional.

Priceless Hours of Research

She is a very accomplished speaker who has put priceless hours of research into the material and subject.  I could not have a better tutor.

One of the Best Speakers

Jacquie Wise is one of the best speakers that I have experienced either at university courses, business seminars for at TAFE courses.

Tremendous Personal Rapport

Jacquie is able to develop tremendous personal rapport with students who lack confidence, through drawing on her own life challenges.  She is a great exemplar of all she teaches.

Fiona Ellis
Centre for Adult Education

Balance of Humour and Honesty

I was most impressed by the teacher’s style and approach.  I had nothing but admiration for Jacquie Wise – she was able to reach the least confident, and encourage the most timid.  It was done with a pleasant balance of humour and honesty.


Finger on the Pulse

Your courses are imaginative in their concept, and you seem to have your finger on the pulse as far as current trends in the personal development course area is concerned, and this resulted in excellent enrolment figures.

Great Personal Courage

Great personal courage has class, style and personal dignity.  You conducted the course with impish humour and shook me out of my complacency with her penetrating wisdom.


Thoroughly Researched

It was obvious that you have thoroughly researched this topic and constructed this course with a great deal of sensibility.  It has given me more confidence.



I walked away from your course feeling very privileged to have participated in an immense experience.


Believable and Hands-On

Having had instruction in formal management theory, your course was a much more believable, ‘hands-on’ approach to the subject.


Difficult People and Their Attitudes

Your course is a ‘must do’ for anyone having to cope with difficult people and their attitudes.


Strategies and Scripts

From your course I gained great strategies and scripts to use both for work and in life in general.


Useful Management Plan

I have a useful management plan for dealing with both staff and patients.


Thank you for saving me from myself

I wish to thank you for helping me rid my life of childhood demons and teach me how to take control of my thoughts, my actions and my responses. Thank you for saving me from my old self.


Material presented was very relevant

All of the feedback I have received indicated that the workshops were conducted in a professional manner and the material presented was very relevant to the participant's needs.

G T Nunn, Personnel Manager, Finance and Accounting Division

Definitely recommend this programme

Excellent! Would definitely recommend this programme and speaker to other organisations.

Bronwyn Street, Development Manager
Multiple Sclerosis Society of Victoria

Course content was most beneficial

The course content was found to be most beneficial to Branch Managers and later Assistant Branch Managers that attended.

Geoff Sayers, Training Officer
McIlwraith Distributors (Vic)

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