Even one tiny candle can illuminate a darkened room

Even one tiny candle can illuminate a darkened room

Even one tiny candle can illuminate a darkened roomby Jacquie Wise

The evidence is overwhelming that we’re becoming more powerful in our ability to manifest. The progression from thought to concrete reality is more instantaneous than ever before. If we don’t work hard to focus those around us on the positive, then the negative attitudes will take hold, and more negativity will be manifested. We need to restore the balance.

The focus of our attention lately has been on the terrorist attack in Paris, and the increasing radicalisation of people in their early teens. The news media focus predominantly on disasters, crime and wars.

Most of our television drama shows feature violence, bad language and sex. Many feature films, are now trying to outdo others on violent special effects. And have you listened to the lyrics of some heavy metal music? Makes my skin crawl!

It’s no wonder that many young people who have grown up in this culture feel hopeless and see no future for their lives or the world. They often react with a ‘What’s the point/Couldn’t care less’ attitude. Their yearning to belong and be of value is what draws them into radical groups.

Seeing no positive outcome in the long-term makes us focus only on the short term—on what we can grab whenever we can get it. Increasingly, we mask our despair with drink, gambling or drugs.

When we have reached a level of evolution to deal with issues constructively, we raise them to a conscious level where they can stare us in the face. This is why things often get worse before they get better.

It’s up to us, as a collective, to search for solutions and make things better.

One of the ways every one of us can do something is find ways to spread light where there is darkness.

This can be as simple as gently correcting negative discussions. I’ve come across so many conversations about current affairs that spiral downward into such doom and gloom, you can feel the energy getting heavier with every word. Introduce positive perspectives wherever you can. Especially where prejudice is being expressed, you can be the one to present a more rational perspective.

We are as guilty of prejudice by our silence as by being the one who hates.

You can’t shield people from the flood of negativity that surrounds, but you can be an example about how to put it all into perspective. With a bit of research or a constructive overview of events, you can illustrate that things have been improving, albeit slowly, and we can still make them better.

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  • I agree with you totally, Jacquie. People need to connect with their own hearts and foster the love, peace and magic from within. When this happens on a mass scale, a beautiful new world will be born. Everythig in the outer world is merely a reflection of the inner world. So lighten and brighten your inner world and terrorism will dissolve and disappear. Thank you for great Public Speaking course! Blessings…

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