Is it time to quit?

Is it time to quit?

Is it time to quit?by Jacquie Wise

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As we leave 2016, maybe it’s time to leave behind things in our lives that no longer serve us. Sometimes, the turning point comes when we’re ready to say ‘Enough!’ What do you feel the need to leave behind with the closing year?  

It might help to separate your ideas into categories:

Your job

If you’re groaning at the thought of returning to work after the Christmas break, then maybe it’s time to do some thinking about what it is that has taken the enjoyment away from your work. Are you bored with the job? Is it not the job itself, but the people you work with, or the culture of the company?

Is it some other frustration you still need to identify? If you’re in a toxic environment, you may need to walk out and give yourself time to heal.

Maybe what’s needed is a better work-life balance. Find small pockets of time when you can do something that restores and recharges you.

A destructive habit

There may be something you do that’s been driving you nuts for years. Maybe you’ve tried to quit smoking or some other addiction. Maybe it’s the mess you continually manage to create. Or maybe it’s the habit of saying ‘yes’ to please everyone.

Whatever it is—get professional help to deal with emotional issues that might be holding you back, learn new skills that’ll help you find new ways of handling things and begin to make small changes, one step at a time.

All of that begins with one important step: the decision to let go. The decision to say ‘Enough!’ and mean it.

A person

There’s one saying I picked up this year that influenced me deeply:

‘If there’s no love being served, get up and leave the table.’

It made me realise it was time to distance myself from people who have been taking advantage of me, who don’t know how to give anything back for what they take. Time to say ‘Enough’ and leave the table.

Of course, I’m not saying dump the person harshly, with no explanation. The decent thing to do is to talk to them about how you feel and why. It could turn things around and save the relationship. If the problem continues, then the time comes when you have to question why you’re still there. Try giving yourself a time limit for giving it all you’ve got, so that you know you’ve done your very best before you move on.

The right people will not enter into your life if it’s cluttered up with the wrong people.

If the problem people are part of your family, you can distance yourself emotionally: (teach yourself not to get so caught up in the game); mentally (teach yourself new attitudes); or physically (see them less often).

Your home

Have you outgrown where you live? Is it too small, too big, too far, too close, too noisy…what have you been putting up with that gives you constant irritation? You may not be able to find a new home right away, but you can start looking.

In the meantime, your home is supposed to be a sanctuary in which you can block out the world. Is it working for you as it should: a place in which you can truly relax?

Does your home and everything in it reflect who you really are? It can be fun tweaking it until it gives you joy to be real within it.


I’ve never believed in living with my mistakes. If I’ve bought something I don’t like any more, I move it on to someone else who does want it. If I no longer feel good in that outfit, it’s at the charity shop in seconds. (Gives me the chance to buy something new to replace it!)

We now know that objects carry frequencies. If the thing has a frequency that makes me cringe every time I pass it, it’s stopping me from enjoying my home. Why keep it? If you can’t afford to replace it, find a way to redecorate it or disguise it so that it blends in better with its surroundings.

Whatever decision you’re trying to make, a key question is:

‘Is this serving me well?’

It’s worth exploring the excuses we make that are also serving us well, because they give us ‘valid’ (really?) reasons to stay stuck.

Do you really want to drag into the new year all the things you needed to have left behind?

Here’s to a VERY happy new year!

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