Seven Types of Romantic Partners

Seven Types of Romantic Partners

by Jacquie Wise


These people have developed a hard protective shell on the outside that’s a real challenge to get through. But once you find a way to crack that shell, you discover soft sweetness on the inside that’s very easy to live with.


They are soft and receptive on the outside; they let you in easily. It’s deceptive, though, because that seeming ease is over quickly and you discover a hard nut on the inside that just won’t yield anything.

If you allow time to get to know them fully, you may find that initial sweetness doesn’t last very long. Or you may find that it’s worth living with this nut!


These types are complex. It’s an effort to work them out, and you may need to dig a little to reach the prize. But the rewards make it all worthwhile.

You just need patience to dig out of them how they really feel and think, before you can get to know them well.


These guys are surprising. Their protective layer is easy to penetrate. Inside, you can never know what to expect—they may be bitter and sharp, or refreshingly sweet. They divide their lives into clear, separate segments of all the different roles they play in life. They will never mix work and pleasure.

Yet their behaviour is consistent in each segment. For example, if they have tendencies to be frank and blunt, they will be so in their work as well as in their personal relationships.

There may be some bitter pith around these types to work through, and some have more pith than others, but generally, they are easy to be with.


Delightful people, but super sensitive. They bruise easily if not handled delicately. You have to be careful with them, but you can still have a terrific relationship if you’re sensitive to their needs.

Never put them in the fridge. Any coldness from you will turn them right off.


They are soft, seductive, and leave you wanting more. Can they continue to deliver on all levels of life? That’s the question to which you need to find the answer.

Beware of being too easily seduced by these types.

Fruit Salad:

Danger: keep away from these types! They have no idea who they really are, so they keep shape-shifting in their efforts to please everyone. You’ll get involved thinking they are one type of person, only to find they are really someone else. Or are they? Who knows—they certainly don’t.

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