What Does Trump’s Election Mean From A Spiritual Perspective?

What Does Trump’s Election Mean From A Spiritual Perspective?

by Jacquie Wise

What Does Trump's Election Mean From A Spiritual Perspective?A man like Trump elected? We know that the world is still reeling and that the roller-coaster ride has only just begun. If we look at world events from a metaphysical perspective, it puts a totally different spin on things.

Even if you don’t know much about how frequencies work, you will have heard expressions such as: ‘We are one’, ‘Oneness’ or ‘The world is one’, ‘Connectedness.’ And here’s another one: ‘As above, so below.’ Do you fully understand what all this means to you as an individual? It gets curiouser and curiouser.

A good deal of scientific research has been done in this field and the number of academic texts supporting the concept is huge and growing. So take the scientific approach and research it before you dismiss it as nonsense.

First, what do expressions about Oneness mean?

Let’s keep it simple. Everything in this word, plant, animal, mineral…vibrates at a certain frequency, and these frequencies resonate and connect throughout the universe. That’s Connectedness, or Oneness.

Physically, we humans are composed of a bunch of atoms that vibrate at different frequencies. Our thoughts send out vibrations too. That’s how telepathy and precognition works, and that’s how we attract into our lives whatever we’re thinking about, whether positive or negative.

We can sense people’s frequencies. Twins, for example, can sense what’s happening with each other, even when they’re on the other side of the world and have not communicated.

You will recognise times when you’ve picked up on what someone close to you is thinking or feeling, way before they’ve said anything, or before their body language has revealed anything. You sense when someone is staring at you.

Frequencies are magnetic: they are drawn to similar frequencies, just as a magnet pulls steel pins to it. So if you and I are both thinking or acting in a similar way, our frequencies join others across the world thinking or acting in the same way. So the energy builds, just as if all of us were adding fuel to the same global fire.

‘As above, so below’ means that, whatever is going on at a global or ‘macro’ level, affects us as individuals on the ‘micro’ level. So too, what we think, as individuals, at the ‘micro’ level contributes to universal frequencies and vice versa. One could also say ‘As below, so above”.

Here’s an amusing (?) perspective: our focus on Trump contributed to the frequency that got him elected, even if we didn’t want him. So many of us were focusing on Trump during his campaign when we weren’t taking his antics seriously. Then, when he got closer to winning, a majority of us across the world, I would suggest, were thinking ‘Oh God, not Trump.’

Remember that what we focus on is what we get. Whether we want it or not, this is the fire we are fuelling. Hmn.

What we can learn from this is how important—vital—it is to keep your focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want.

If you come across ‘OMG’ conversations that focus on how bad everything is in the world, do your best to turn the topic to a positive perspective. Take positive and constructive actions yourself, such as joining petitions, going on marches so that your voice is heard, sending around on Facebook relevant philosophical quotes that uplift.

In your own life, focus on what you want. Some people begin the process of sorting out which direction to choose by focusing first on what they don’t want. Fine, it’s just a way of thinking. Once you’ve listed what you don’t want, it becomes obvious what you do want, because it’s likely to be the opposite. Focus on that and make sure your actions match your thinking and that you’re walking the talk.

If you need something, be it information or a contact, put the request out to the universe. That means focus on what you want, ask for it and trust that it will come your way. Then sit and wait, without anxiety or doubt. (That’s the tricky bit)

An increasing number of people are having amazing results with this concept. Some put it down to coincidence. Ok, whatever. There’s no such thing as a coincidence—it’s caused by resonating frequencies being drawn to one another.

Second, world leaders, whether elected or dictators, reflect who we are.

Remember ‘As above, so below’. Everything is connected. Translate that into something understandable and it means whatever our pressing thoughts are, they will attract a leader that manifests those thoughts on a larger scale.

At times when a nation feels victimised and needs someone to blame, a leader emerges that manifests or expresses that frequency. That’s how Hitler and all his fellow psychopaths emerged. They were fed by the predominant thinking of the time. Because we were more entrenched in victim consciousness than we are today, overall, we needed a scapegoat to blame—Jews, predominantly, at the time.

Are you aware of how often you seek someone or something else to blame for your circumstances? It’s time to find a way to shift that victim perspective. You will, at the same time as you work on yourself, be shifting other people who will resonate to the frequency of that shift.

The election of Obama indicated that, worldwide, we are more accepting of different races and are ready to respect them. We are moving away from judging someone on their appearance alone.

We still have a long way to go, but that election shifted us hugely. We need to ensure this frequency of inclusion and acceptance filters down to everything we do and everything we think.

In Australia, there is a strong undercurrent of racism, even though we don’t like to consider ourselves racist. (How many conversations do you hear that start with: ‘I’m not racist, but…’). So what did we get? Pauline Hanson, who forced us to think about who we really wanted to be and what we wanted this country to be—inclusive and accepting, not separatist and judgemental.

She’s popped up again now, which tells us there’s more work to be done in changing our thinking.

In what ways do you need to shift how often you judge someone on their appearance alone—at ‘face value’? It’s very superficial way of making decisions. Racism is as ridiculous as saying you don’t want people around whose eyes are a different colour to yours. Is that who you really want to be?

If you hear racist (or sexist or ageist or something-else-ist) conversations or comments around you, gently offer a more mature, constructive perspective. It doesn’t have to turn into a heated argument, just a gentle thought that might make a person shift a little. Those little shifts all add up.

How does Trump as world leader reflect who we are on the ‘micro’ level?

Do we deserve him? Well—let’s take a closer look. An honest look.

Let’s break down his attitudes and check how they might resonate with our own attitudes and approaches to life. If this truly isn’t you, then look at people around the world, not in a judgemental way, but just as an interested observer of trends.

He is deeply offensive—to women, to Moslems, to the Chinese…the list is enormous.

He shoots his mouth off without thinking, or seemingly caring, about the impact he might be having.

His thinking is very short-term—he doesn’t seem to be aware of long-term consequences.

His approach to relationships is strictly strategic—he thinks only like a businessman. He’ll make alliances with anyone who can offer him (or a select group alone) some benefit. He’s not thinking about Americans as a whole—his views so far have been separatist and exclusive. He doesn’t seem to think about the value of human rights or the fallout of this approach on the bigger picture—the greater good of all. He disregards and even outcasts any group or nation that doesn’t appear to offer personal benefit (or benefit for certain Americans alone).

His lack of experience and knowledge is obvious in his superficial approach. Is he prepared to do appropriate research to inform himself before making decisions? Let’s hope more mature people around him will force him to think differently.

We could go on, but that’ll do.

The next step is to be strong enough to recognise tendencies such as these within yourself and gently shift them towards a more mature approach. Look for the evidence of that shift in your life and in your relationships.

Every shift you make in your thinking and actions will increase the resonance of that frequency. It will spread.
That’s how magnetic resonance works.

We need a groundswell of a shift in thinking across the world, big enough for it to have a wide impact. A bit like the wake of a boat on a river reaching the shores and creating movement long after the boat has passed.

Third, it is in your power to heal the world.

The frequency of change works at all levels, physically and metaphysically.

Physically, change occurs in our own lives by the different actions we make, fuelled by constructive decisions which consider long-term benefits for all those affected, beyond selfish, self-centred gains. That’s the spirit of Oneness.

On a larger scale, we need to take physical actions to make our voice heard for solutions to problems that don’t hurt anyone. Let’s find the balanced view, and pressure our leaders to implement it.

Physically on a larger scale, change occurs because of those who volunteer for agents of change.

Politicians are influenced by what the majority thinks, so join petitions and marches, write letters to your political representatives to encourage positive change. Do you bother to make your voice heard and your actions count, or do you just complain?

Metaphysically, change can be encouraged through a build-up of frequencies that resonate through people thinking and acting in a particular way.

If you want to heal the world, begin by healing yourself. The world has changed for the better because of the work we individuals have been doing on ourselves over decades.

We are now globally more conscious, more aware (more mindful) and more able to take personal responsibility for what happens in our lives.

The work we do on our self-esteem teaches us to respect ourselves, which, in turn, takes us out of a victim consciousness which needs to blame and attack.

We’re moving in the right direction. Let’s learn from Trump what not to be. And let’s be mindful of the importance of contributing only to positive, healing frequencies.

If you want to find out more, I’m continually adding a number of recommended books into the Resources section of my website. One of them I recommend is THE SENSE OF BEING STARED AT by biologist Rupert Sheldrake.

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