July 5, 2012


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Jacquie Wise, Principal, Wise Ways

Past Editions

12/02/2018 How Compassionate and Loving Are You?

15/01/2018 How To Turn Weak Intentions Into Strong New-Year Resolutions

27/11/2017 Give Yourself The Gift Of Happiness This Christmas

16/11/2017 How To Cope With Constant Criticism

02/11/2017 How Can Your Approach To Life Change The World?

27/10/2017 What To Do When a Subordinate Is Promoted To Manager

12/09/2017 Managing Through Change

30/08/2017 Understanding Bad Behaviour

21/07/2017 Is Your Relationship Thriving or Stagnating?

05/06/2017 The Power of Words

24/05/2017 How to Handle an Incompetent Manager

17/05/2017 10 Wise Ways for Positive Problem Solving

23/03/2017 How to break up without breaking a heart

03/03/2017 Is this really who I want to be?

27/02/2017 How To Be At Ease With ‘In-Between Times’

13/02/2017 Changing Your Job May Not Be The Answer

30/01/2017 Is it time to quit?

12/01/2017 Preparing for a Promotion to a Leadership Management Position

23/12/2016 Do you have to forgive people who have hurt you?

06/12/2016 Give me a break!

28/11/2016 What Does Trump’s Election Mean From A Spiritual Perspective?

22/11/2016 Do You Have A Professional ‘Marketing Plan’ For Your Next Promotion?

October 2016
-How do you trust someone in a relationship?
-How to think laterally about career choices

How to get a good nights sleep

30/09/16 Wise Ways Recipe for Life

September 2016
– How to be unhappy, miserable and stressed
– I don’t want to say I love you anymore
– Six wise ways to think logically
– Six ways to experience stillness and serenity

June 2016
– A Wise Way to Manage Your Stress
– Seven Types of Romantic Partners
– Resigning on a High Note
– Seeking Insights? Wise Ways to Access Your Inner Knowing

March 2016
– How to stay true to you for happiness and success
– Are you really in love or just infatuated?
– How well are you supporting your team?
– The Paradoxical Commandments and making your life make a difference

December 2015
– What to do when your staff criticise your management style
– Even one tiny candle can illuminate a darkened room

September 2015
– Wise Ways to make sure your decision making is realistic
– Charlie Chaplin – As I began to love myself

August 2015
– When work interferes with your creative life
– Wise Ways to access your inner knowledge

July 2015
– How one choice can change your life
– Eight wise ways to be loving person and attract love in your life

April 2015
– How to improve your business writing
– Time to live a soulful life

March 2015
– Completing your goal in the first quarter of the year
– The etiquette of kissing and hugging

February 2015
– Do you live to work or work to live?
– Time for reflection

January 2015
– Forget New Year Resolutions, go for New Year Revolutions
– Women’s English and Men’s English

December 2014
– Mindfulness Meditation at work
– Change the Silly Season into the Soul Season

November 2014
– Enjoying your guilt trip?
– Five steps to dealing with unpleasant behaviour

October 2014
– What should I do when I am not getting the training that I need?
– Value your life as a process

September 2014
– Why am I so stressed?
– You don’t bring me flowers anymore

August 2014
– Are you paralysed by ‘What if I am not good enough’ thoughts?
– How can I forget my former partner?
– Boost your morale and motivate your team?
– Are you ready for your next opportunity?

July 2014
– How to get past blockages and persevere
– How to express how you both really feel in a relationship
– Are you fun to work with?
– Change your energy field to attract a better life

June 2014
– Will the real you please stand up – how to be more authentic
– How others treat you is a reflection of how you treat yourself
– Being a slow learner can fast track your success
– Assess your spiritual evolution – what role do your friends play?

May 2014
– How can I be more confident?
– How to get rid of unhealthy relationships
– Wise Ways to give negative feedback positively
– Thinking with your soul

April 2014
– Lateral thinking techniques
– How do you show someone you love them? How do you love yourself?
– Career and study choices – What to do if you don’t know what to do
– Proof of a global evolution in consciousness

March 2014
– How do you handle worries?
– How to communicate with empathy and avoid conflict
– Common myths of writing for business
– How do you forgive yourself for past mistakes?

February 2014
– The Wise Way to protect your credit card security
– Six essential ingredients of mature love
– Should I discuss my personal problems at work?
– How to gain insights from your past?

January 2014
– Do you want to know what the future holds?
– You, sexual fantasies and your partner
– Skills valued by organisations
– How good are you at connecting with your intuitive feelings?

December 2013
– How do I change my attitude to life?
– How to deal with relatives who criticise you or put you down
– Office Party etiquette
– Peace and goodwill to all…

November 2013
– How long does it take to become an expert?
– What to do on a first date – three tips for success
– Increasing your career choices in a changing marketplace
– What principles guide your life?

October 2013
– Finding balance in life does not mean avoiding extremes
– What about you?
– Sixteen Wise Ways to work more effectively with your manager
– Be in your own power

September 2013
– Wise Ways to appear confident even when you’re not
– Are you and your partner too different for a relationship?
– Seven Wise Ways to be confident at interviews
– Eight Wise Ways to live with soul

August 2013
– How to find your purpose in life
– How to get people to listen to you and be heard
– How can I improve my business writing skills
– Eight Wise Ways to send out good vibrations

July 2013
– Is writing a journal like having a best friend forever?
– Connecting with children when you are a working parent
– How to interview because interviewers are interviewed too
– Mindfulness to create calm and clarity

June 2013
– Wise Ways to wealth by managing and saving money
– Who am I? How to be more authentic
– Take a Gap Year and see the world or settle down?
– Should I use a dream dictionary to interpret my dreams?

May 2013
– Wise Ways to start saving money now
– Questions to ask at the beginning of a new relationship
– Key questions to ask if you are going into small business
– What choices did I make before I was born into this life?

April 2013
– Top Time Management Tools
– Overcoming low self esteem
– What do I do if someone is talking behind my back
– Does our destiny eliminate our power of choice?

March 2013
– Is it time for a change in your life?
– What to do if someone is gossiping about you
– 1st Friday in March International Employee Appreciation Day
– Do you live your life according to your values?

February 2013
– Is it time for a change in your life?
– What’s it like to love you and be loved by you?
– Do you find public speaking difficult?
= Are the signs in your life confirming your direction?

January 2013
– A recipe for a miserable new year
– Why connecting face to face is better than being friends on Facebook
– Personal Contract Career Planning Template
– The New Consciousness – What does it mean?

December 2012
– How to get everything done before Christmas – slow down
– How to deal with difficult people at Christmas
– Starting a new job – how to make your mark
– How do I handle this? What would a Master do?

November 2012
– How to find time to relax and have more energy
– How to avoid misunderstandings and ensure clear communication
– How to layout and organise an office at home or work
– How to get more energy and focus – spend your time wisely

October 2012
– How do I stay motivated?
– The five C’s of successful relationships
– Four options to consider for a job or career change
– Instant consciousness doubler

September 2012
– How to let go of the past and move on
– How to make people open up
– Are you committed to your career or are you a workaholic
– September 11, what choices can we make for the future?

August 2012
– Mid Year New Year’s Resolution
– Changing behaviour in relationships – get fit for life and love
– How to market yourself as an expert in your field
– Why is my life the way it is? Is it a mirror or not?

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