July 16, 2012

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Jacquie Wise readily adapts to addressing conference audiences of hundreds, to lunch-time presentations for smaller corporate audiences, or to facilitating highly interactive workshops and intimate personal growth groups.

She has presented at various festivals and expos, including the Melbourne Writer’s Festival and is a published author of seven books.

Jacquie’s strength lies in her ability to blend, with sensitivity and humour, penetrating insights, broad knowledge and practical techniques.

Evaluations and enthusiastic feedback show that participants are stimulated, inspired and encouraged by Jacquie’s practical, solutions-oriented approach, delivered in a lively style.

Over the years, Jacquie has been a frequent guest on national radio and television programs.

Public Courses

Jacquie WiseJacquie Wise has been running public courses and workshops at the Centre for Adult Education (CAE) Melbourne since 1979. Jacquie has also run courses at various tertiary colleges (TAFEs) including Holmesglen TAFE, Outer Eastern TAFE, NMIT, Kangan Batman Institute as well as public and private programs at the University of Melbourne, La Trobe University, Monash University and Victoria University.

You can see all of Jacquie’s current public courses here.

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Private Seminars

Jacquie is known for her high standards of seminar design and delivery. Her in-house seminars are designed to meet individual, team and organisational needs.

Jacquie has run in-house seminars for various organisations and professional associations including ABC Television, Australian Institute of Management, AstraZeneca (Pharmaceuticals), Australian Taxation Office, Baulderstone Hornibrook, Brotherhood of St Laurence, Department of Human Services, Environment Protection Authority, Ernst and Young, KPMG, Bovis Lend Lease, Mobil Oil, National Australia Bank, Tennis Australia/Flinders Park, World Vision, Warner Bros and Workforce Management Unit (Department of Treasury).

  • Building High-Performance Teams
  • Career Comeback
  • Constructive Criticism and Performance Appraisals
  • Declutter your Work-space and Your Life
  • Diplomacy, Persuasion and Influence
  • Effective Business Writing
  • Improve Your Memory
  • Interviewers are Interviewed Too
  • Making Meetings Work
  • Networking and Business Etiquette
  • Panic-free Presentations
  • Report Writing
  • Time Management and Chaos Control
  • Turn Conflict into Creativity
  • Women as Executives
  • Who am I?

You can learn more about Jacquie Wise’s training and consulting here.

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Guest Speaking

Jacquie has an extensive work history in Australia. Europe and South Africa and has been consulting to various industries in public relations, human resource management, administration, project management, counselling, coaching, corporate training and speaking. This experience has given her a keen understanding of key issues in a range of disciplines and has enabled her to speak at a wide range of events, functions and conferences.

Past topics for her keynote addresses have included:

  • And What About Me?
  • Dealing with Drama Queens
  • End of year wrap up
  • Grow Younger – Live Longer
  • How could I forget – how to improve your memory?
  • How to be the Leader They will Follow
  • Insights for fulfillment and living with soul
  • Is your life working well?
  • Moving up in Management
  • So you want to be a writer?
  • Spiritual Intelligence: The New Skill Corporations Value
  • Time Management and Chaos Control
  • Turn Conflict into Creativity

Whilst these topics are general examples, Jacquie Wise is happy to individually design each guest speaking presentation.

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1 thought on “Courses, seminars & speaking

  • Mentone Public Library thanks you for your very wise ways. From a traumatic upbringing riddled with abuse, and for an extensive period of your young adult life afflicted with amnesia, you took it upon yourself to build yourself up again, build new memories and heroically stride forward through the embracing of positivity. You label yourself as a compulsive optimist, and indeed, after your session at our library, your compulsion became contagious and afflicted us all…in a good way!

    From your brilliant weekly radio program ” Wise Ways” to your life-coaching, to your publications dealing with everything from success in the workplace, to constructive and productive communication with others, there is something for every despondent, heart-broken or down-trodden soul to be uplifted and inspired by.

    Jacquie, what you have achieved in your own life against all odds, and what you have done and continue to do for people to help them on their own paths is simply phenomenal.

    Thank-you, Jacquie Wise.

    Certificate of Appreciation awarded: Saturday 15th December 2012.

    Mentone Public Library, rear of the Community Assistance and Information Bureau, 36 Florence Street, Mentone, Victoria 3194 Established 1925 Incorporate 2009

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