July 16, 2012


Wise Ways - Decluttering for home or officeWise Ways to Get Organised at your Home or Office

Our lives always work better when we are able to let go of the old to make way for the new.

All from the simple act of clearing clutter, we experience improvements at all levels—physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, including better health and peace of mind.

At Wise Ways, we can look after you at home or at your office.


Your Home

Learn the Wise Ways for you to:

  • Identify the difference between clutter and mess
  • Understand why you can’t let go of your stuff and you keep hoarding
  • Make confident decisions about what to keep
  • Clear out clutter
  • Find things easily
  • Make your home a haven not a hassle
  • Ensure your office or workspace reflects your professionalism
  • Learn to enjoy being organised as well as spontaneous
  • Let go of things you’ve bought or been given but never use
  • Find new and more practical uses for individual items
  • Save your monthly storage bill
  • Declutter your life of people and commitments
  • Make confident decisions without regret

Learn the Wise Ways you and others can:

  • Negotiate clutter boundaries with serial hoarders
  • Respectfully persuade others to clean up their mess
  • Handle pressure, criticism or judgment from others
  • Clear out an entire household after someone moves into aged care or dies
  • Decide what to do with family heirlooms, mementos and children’s craft
  • Solve arguments about clutter within your home
  • Select grateful owners for your treasures

With Jacquie, you will:

  • Make room for new experiences and opportunities to enter your life
  • Allow for shifts in your consciousness
  • Feel less overwhelmed
  • Clear negative energy from your home
  • Notice that you have more energy and time
  • Heal underlying issues which cause hoarding or impulsive buying
  • Feel liberated and stress free

You will not feel pressured with Jacquie’s sensitive, caring and non-judgmental approach.

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Your office or papers

Decluttering an office or workspace is a liberating experience for everyone concerned.Wise Ways - Decluttering your office or papers

If needed, Jacquie can visit after hours to ensure confidentiality.

Jacquie can also design office systems for individuals or teams (paper and electronic).

Your office may need decluttering if:

  • you spend hours hunting for something
  • you find it increasingly difficult to do your work quickly
  • you feel embarrassed about your environment
  • you find it difficult to concentrate or focus
  • you suspect that you appear unprofessional
  • you have been asked by your supervisor to get organised
  • you are drowning under a sea of used coffee cups

Your team may need assistance if:

  • no one can find files
  • people put things in different places all the time
  • one person is left with all of the filing
  • the storage space is overcrowded
  • nothing has been archived for a long time
  • there are no filing or workflow systems

With Jacquie Wise, you will:

  • develop functional systems and procedures
  • increase productivity and efficiency
  • abide by any regulations of your industry
  • you will have more space and freedom to complete your work
  • create a safer and happier workplace

Make an enquiry now… or call us on +61 3 9690 8159

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